4 Quirky Places to Visit in Salt Lake City

Where does it all begin? You really want to have a one-off vacation, but they all turn out busy hotels and houseful concerts, don’t they?

Here’s something to tell you what you ought to look for, ’cause ultimately it’s your interests that will tell you to get the most out of a visit to Salt Lake. Whether one is visiting or simply lives there, they all get to experience a city of celebration and festive moods all round the year! The art shows simply speckle the SLC map consistently throughout the year.

People visit on a regular basis as this is one of the few places which give the total experience, whether it’s for the businessman on a trip, an art junkie lost on the way, or just a couple of holiday revelers; there is something for everyone.

Footfall in SLC is big. As a result, you always get a lot of options to choose from when it comes to looking for a place to stay. There are people who like to do things in a different manner, always. Guests can find a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as the following list of places could have all had a common tagline: normally is boring!

Ben Lomond Suites Historic Hotel

While this may not be located in SLC exactly, it had to make a list because of the history of dramatic incidents that are associated with this place. The fact that it is an Italian-style Renaissance building is one of the most comforting factors about this place which has been known to be party to suicides, murders, and even ghosts. While the bathtub in a particular room, in which a woman drowned, is known for its taps to turn on by itself, the elevator in which an employee fell to his death in 1926 has also been known to operate by itself. Amusement park or house of horrors, you decide!

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Anniversary Inn

If the Anniversary Inn were human, quirky would definitely have been its middle name! This place has each of its 13 luxury suites themed in a different manner. The Victorian-style mansion was originally built in 1989. Some of quirkiest themes in this already quirky place include the Jungle Safari which has a (fake) crocodile at the entrance and a shower in the form of an elephant’s trunk. Another theme which is popular is the Mississippi Serenade, which has its bed set atop a raft. There is also a waterfall shower to go along.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

It’s not often one can say they have shared an address for a night or more with a collection of around 2,000 animals like rabbits, cats, dogs, and horses amongst others. These are all animals that have been rescued from some form of abuse or the other. All of them undergo rehabilitation, and therapy, to help them recover from the stress they experienced. Among options that guests have during their stay is to keep an animal in the same room as them for the night, or help clean a pen. It could just cuddle up with one of those little animals also! The best option, however, is to find a new home for themselves.

Hotel Monaco

This boutique hotel which once used to be a bank has the prime-location advantage right in the heart of downtown. This pet-friendly place has been known to provide a live goldfish for the guests. It also has an entire floor which has tall rooms, with high mirrors and extra long beds. Needless to say, it has been a hit with many a visiting basketball player! The Salt Lake Magazine has previously named the in-house restaurant as the best in the city.

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Whatever your keenness, by now you know what kind of combinations make it a win-win for hotels and tourists. But lodging in a place while visiting SLC is always a cakewalk, what really matters is if you choose the right location, price, and amenities depending on your itinerary. Tough choice sometimes, but you have to make space for it.

Getting to events in Salt Lake City from the airport has the rail, cab services, and city buses. You can choose the rail, the cheapest if you have little luggage. It also gives you the flexibility to reach any part of the city under 20 dollars.


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