Appliances For Cooking: Chop, Beat, Grind

Hi, guys. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I am very relieved to spend hours and hours in front of the stove, although I must admit that there are several kitchen utensils that make it easier for me to create delicious recipes with which my children suck their fingers.

You may think I’m talking about a good induction hob or the best appliances of cooking.

……..but I really mean much smaller kitchen appliances:

Blender: The blender is the one that created the most useful kitchen utensil I know. It helps me make some great sauces for my meat and fish and collaborates very actively in the preparation of my desserts and cakes. Something that I consider very important in the blender is its power. The different speeds will make it easier for us to make different recipes. The utensils of the blender will help us things as fundamental as beating as well as riding clear to the point of snow.

Chopper: Another kitchen utensil of these that are essential in the kitchen. One of the characteristics of it is the ability of your vessel to chop. It will make it easier for us to make a lot of minced meat or fish for, for example, our cannelloni or lasagna recipes.

Molinillo: Many of my recipes carry shavings of something. I love, for example, the tiramisu. I do not like to buy cocoa powder. What I do is grind pure chocolate, the black of a lifetime. To do this, I need this kitchen utensil that will allow me to grind the amount I need and leave the rest intact so I can eat it. Pepper is another of the foods that I usually grind to be able to sprinkle my recipes with it.

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Kitchen Robot: All in One

We have seen three appliances of cooking. What do you think if I tell you that there is one that fulfills the three functions that make the blender, the chopper, and the grinder? This is the kitchen robot.

A kitchen robot can be said to be the solution to all our problems when we are preparing the recipe for one of our tasty dishes. There are several advantages to the kitchen robot in relation to other kitchen utensils:

It has a greater capacity: The glass in which to put the food is of greater size and, therefore, we will be able to put a greater quantity of ingredients.

More power: Its greater capacity comes coupled with a greater power that causes that we have to chop the meat or beat the eggs in a shorter time than with a chopper or a conventional mixer.

Shorter cleaning time: A kitchen utensil will always be cleaned before it cleans three. In addition, the glass of our kitchen robot we can put it in the dishwasher if it fits us.

More precision: Kitchen robots have a higher price, so it is assumed that they will have greater accuracy. The blades will sting the meat, or any other better food and its power will make everything beat much faster.

Cooking is a pleasure. Much more if we have kitchen appliances that make us have our recipes in much less time. When we are setting up our kitchen for our new home, we have to be aware of what we are going to use. It is better to spend a little more on cooking utensils like the blender so that later we do not have surprises that we break after having used it a couple of times or that we caught the kitchen by an incorrect use of it. What cookware do you use?

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