The pains of ATM dispense error on customers

ATM dispenses are a cheaper way of getting instant cash. When you are in transit, and the money you had cannot satisfy your needs, especially when it’s night or weekend or public holidays when banks don’t open.

However, what happens when you meet a discouragement of the ATM dispense error? Here are some of the pains you will experience.

Instant shock

No matter how many times you have come across the dispense error, you will always feel the immediate shock.  The fact that you cannot access immediate cash throws you off balance. It pushes you to the starting point to start plotting and planning a fresh.

The shock comes instant, and you can never control its reactions.  This is because of your hard high expectations of getting paid from the ATM. Therefore, you will never be strong enough to bear the pain.

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The shock leads to disappointment. When you have plans of getting easy cash to achieve a particular goal, and suddenly you realize you don’t have the money, it’s very disappointing.

It takes far more disappointing when you know how much you have in your savings and you cannot access it.


The way banks handle the ATM dispense error is very frustrating to the customer. Adding insult to the pain is the fact that you will not even get a refund even after all the hustle.

Nothing is more frustrating than when you have to spend almost another whole day with the bank stuff as they try to resolve the problem.

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Come to think of it, you are at the shopping mall, and you have already found the item you want, but you are short on cash. Take the seller with you at the nearest ATM dispense only to meet the lifetime shock of the dispenser error. This is very embarrassing.

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Hello, how do you even start to explain that you are no longer interested in the item or you will not buy it at that particular time? This is very embarrassing.


This is another pain that the dispense error inflates to the customer. Especially when your life depends on that money. Think of when you have a sick relative or when you are stuck in town without additional cash to pay your bus fare.

What happens when the ATM dispense develops error?

You face hardships you were not willing to meet or even cannot face.

However, although all this pain gets hard every time you experience it, you still have hopes, there is always a better way to overcome the pain. Understand that the dispense error is not your problem alone and you will not be the last person it affects. Also, learn to be still and open minded to face the new challenge.

Although it’s not easy to understand how you will get out of the situation, there is always a way out. Learn to encourage yourself.

If the shock feels like a hard punch in the face, gather your strength and punch back with power. Ensure you avoid being out of cash for whatever it takes.

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