Audible section is going to be a great fun with Galaxy S9

Samsung did a great try with the audible section of Galaxy S8. The sound with the single speaker was impressive. This leaves us with an outstanding sound, but that does not reach the level of one of the largest of this segment, HTC.

However, it is a very good first attempt by the South Korean firm, and it will not be surprising if in the future it finally dares to integrate stereo speakers that take advantage of Harman technology. The desire of Samsung lovers for having stereo speakers in the next Samsung flagship might become true as the Company is going to release another fab rocking beast, the Galaxy S9. The leaks suggest that the company is doing every possible effort to beat its major rival and for this mission, designers chose to use all unique latest features to be used in S9 flagship and stereo speaker are one of them.

Software well achieved

Since the introduction of the GS6, Samsung had managed to boost the performance of its layer of customization of Android, something that should have done since long before TouchWiz was very slow and heavy, even on its smartphones star. Fortunately, that has been left behind, and now the story is different.

TouchWiz is still far from pure Android, but fortunately, it has advanced a lot in speed and dynamism, in summary, TouchWiz is now much lighter and minimalistic, with icons not so flashy and simple, quite elegant matter. A new Interphase Android Version 8.0 in upcoming Galaxy S9 is to be launched next year; the advantage of this latest version is that your smartphone will catch more smoothness, more efficiency, and power.

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Of course, we have some apps installed factory, the Microsoft suite for example, but fortunately, most can be uninstalled and thus achieve optimal performance by removing content that very possibly never use. Hope, upcoming Galaxy S9 of the range approx. 1014USD will reflect on the best features to us, and it is anticipated that the 5.8” AMOLED 4K display of this lovely smartphone will be totally protected with the latest safeguard Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Another interesting detail is that the order of the control buttons can be changed to reverse the position of “Back” and “Multitasking,” either in the conventional order of Samsung, Multitask-Home-Back, or the conventional Android order (Much more logical), Back-Home-Multitask. On the other hand, you can also do without the button that opens the apps drawer and instead only swipe up to access all our applications.

This section of Galaxy S9 also includes the presence of Bixby but in a higher version Bixby 2.0 – A Perfect Virtual Companion, Samsung’s virtual assistant that can be activated by pressing the dedicated physical button. When activating the wizard, it offers information according to the context of the content of the screen, and fortunately, we can be able to interact with it by voice and possesses optimized Visual Recognition function as promised by Samsung.

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