Best Dating Apps to use after Heartbreak

When people get into a relationship or start dating it is not for sure that they last long. There are instances where there is misunderstandings and difference of opinions. It goes to the extent that they find it really hard to get along and end up parting ways. We cannot expect each and every relationship to be a successful one and there are millions of people who have their fair share of heartbreaks.

There are millions of people out there who go through a complete emotional roller coaster the moment they realize that the person who they loved has left the forever. It takes time for them to get back to what they were before falling in love with someone. An undeniable fact is that it is never going to be same for them and it takes a lot for them to let their hearts fall in love all over again.

Most of us have the fear to give our hearts all over again after the first ever heartbreak. It is because that each and everyone who had heartbreak knows how painful and stressful it is for one to go through. But, at some point, they have to let go and realize the fact that life goes on no matter what and nothing can stop it. It is important that we give a chance to ourselves; it is not that every single time there would be heartbreak.

It does take one a huge amount of time to move on from a broken relationship; it is good to take time. Once they have realized the truth and come to terms with the reality that the person is never going to come back, that is when they need to get moving. One should give time to oneself to be by them, let loose and be happy for the life they have. After everything falls right back into the place and it is the time to have a companion, you start right from scratch. Dating apps give the folks the best chance to choose a good life partner.

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The trends have changed and so have the ways in which one is dating in this generation. There are thousands of dating apps and websites which one can try, and it is a fact that one will come across millions of option. With so many apps available it is a bit difficult to find out which one would be the best ones. There is no need to worry; we have researched and found out the best dating apps available in the store. So, just go ahead and check them out.

Coffee Meets Bagel

It is a fact that, there are millions of profiles available on every dating app and it becomes hard for people to keep swiping or making choices. Coffee Meets Bagel makes the work less cumbersome and more helpful for the people to find their matches. This app has been designed in such a way that the women on the app will receive around 5 matches per day. That is something which makes the work lot easier as there is no need to go through hundreds of profiles. The matches at sent to the user at noon and they can go ahead and have a conversation if things clicked right.


This is said to be one of the most popular dating apps of all time, anyone who had gone through heartbreak and wanted to get back to dating. They find this app to be ready to use an app; it was not meant to just find someone to date. There are other options as well; users can make friends, hook up with someone, get to date and finally, there are a few who would like to go ahead with a one-night stand as well. A user will be able to have a conversation when there is a match; from there they can take it to the direction they want to go into.

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There are instances when women come across men on the dating apps and sites that seem to be completely annoying and disturbing. Bumble has been designed and developed specifically having women and their choices in mind. It has been designed in such a way that the women on the app will get the chance to make the first move. It is similar to the swiping done in Tinder, the only thing that they will have only 24 hours to text someone before it gets disappeared.


It is a tad bit different from the regular dating apps, where people are willing to go on a date; in fact, it is a kind of social app. It allows the users to connect to their friends, meet them and hang out as well. On the long run, friends might change into couples or remain friends for good. But, this app is definitely an app to have quality time with friends and make new ones. It is perfect for the ones who have just come out of a breakup and are not yet ready to take the step forward.


We all would come across a lot of people in our day to day lives, have you ever imagined having a date with someone you bumped into? Well, that is something which particular app does; it shows up the profiles of the people who would have come across. A survey done by Bustle showed that around 56 percent of the men and 72 percent of women on the app were actually looking for a relationship and those figures are significant.


OKCupid is a unique dating app; it has been designed with certain questions and multiple choices to choose from. A user needs to answer the questions, so the system will be able to find the matches for them. The questions seem to be pretty interesting and it I easy for people to find like-minded people on this app. So, if you want to have someone with same thought process and liking, this app is the right choice to choose from

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Are you a person who loves to go traveling? Then this app is just made for you; this will help one to self-discovery after heartbreak. We will be able to find partners who are willing to share their travel trip. When the journey for the trip starts, it is obvious that a new bonding is created and in the long run that bonding might change into a relationship and there are possibilities of getting hitched as well.

Final Thoughts

Falling in love and falling out of it, it is something common, and we cannot expect all the relationships to be a successful one. There are many relationships which are successful and have been happily married together and have lived for years. Apart from that, there are a few relationships which go through a rough patch and people part ways.

It is alright to have heartbreak, but that doesn’t mean that it is the end of a world. We fall at some point but we should get back up and keep moving, and that is what life is all about. We do mistakes and go through a lot of turmoil, the only thing we should do is learn from it. Folks, have you been through heartbreak, it is alright, everything happens for a reason. Don’t dwell on something which was not yours, move on and get into a new life with a new companion.

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