10 best Travel destinations in Asia

Looking for some exotic places to travel? Do you also want to take a break from your hectic routine? Here we have come up with the 10 best travel destinations in Asia which will not only make your trip special but will also help you remember your trip all your life.

Well, the best thing about traveling is you get to explore new places, meet new people and know about different traditions around different places of the world. It’s the best way to stay healthy and young.

Philippines- Palawan island photo
Photo by Ray in Manila

Philippines- Palawan island

Palawan island has got everything you need to have for spending your vacations. Flawless views soothing to the eyes, exotic wildlife and mountain ranges gives an edge to this island over others. Find your book it coupon if you also want to experience such calmness.

Thailand- Phuket photo

Thailand- Phuket

Do you want one in all offer? Phuket is the answer. Days spent on beaches-unforgettable, evenings on rain forested mountains- peaceful and non-ending night life-sensational. Get your book it coupons without wasting anymore time and enjoy the trip.

Indonesia- Bali photo

Indonesia- Bali

Bali literally feels like an imaginary dreamland who has got all you need for your escape from reality. Tropical creatures, white sand and stone temples invigorate you, and you feel like a new born ready to see the sights never seen before.

China photo
Photo by Thomas Depenbusch


China no doubt is such a diverse country developing at an unmatched proportion. Its extra ordinarily dense population strikes the visitors. The chief tourist highlights are the great wall of china, the yellow river, Dongbei, the Yangzi Gorges and the forbidden city. Much of the country’s significant architecture has been wrecked just in the haste of modernization.

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China provides great travel offers. Find the offers that suit you the best and get your book it coupon without any delay.

Bangkok photo
Photo by DeeMakMak


Bangkok should always be in the list while planning a holiday. Wondering why? Well, there are so many reasons to consider Bangkok as an option. Its floating markets, pleasingly chaotic China town, the gigantic Buddha, traditional Thai massage, scenic riversides, Chatuchak weekend market and so much more is waiting for you in Bangkok!

Singapore photo
Photo by Mac Qin


Want shopping and heartwarming sights both in one? Singapore is the answer then. Women are always in search of latest and up to date designs at low prices. Sephora and Uniqlo have flagship outlets there in Singapore so shopaholics can roam around the place to get affordable yet classy and iconic fashion pieces. Beautiful museums, iconic architecture along with beautiful art scenes, theme parks and local food makes Singapore stand out.

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Japan photo
Photo by szeke


This island nation is a place with densely populated cities, mountainous regions, great palaces, temples, shrines, etc. Visit Japan and pander in its cuisine, discover the design and architecture it offers, understand its culture, travel to its national parks, reduce stress in its hot springs and view the stunning sights.

India photo


If you wish to see a country having a little of everything, then India is assuredly the answer. From Taj Mahal to appealing Bollywood film industry, from temples to mosques, from Himalayan peaks to Ganges of Varanasi- India is the home of all. Emerging from the sands of the Thar desert are the honey colored fortress. Rich in animal and bird life is the national park Kanha.  Buried under the sand is the temple in Konark. More than hundreds, marching in the temple of Kerala are the elephants and what not is there in the great India.Be it, Taj Mahal, Goa beaches, Shimla Book it coupons is here to help with any kind of tourist offer you would want to avail.

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Hong Kong photo

Hong Kong

Due to the introduction of individual visit scheme, an increase in the number of tourists has been seen in Hongkong. The economy of Hongkong greatly depends upon its tourism industry. Your trip to Hongkong is incomplete if you don’t visit places like Victoria Peak, Soho, Stanley, Lan Kwai Fong.

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Malaysia- Malacca city photo
Photo by phalinn

Malaysia- Malacca city

Malacca is a city with numerous breathtaking sights and rich legacy.
It possesses varied intermingling of customs, ethnicities, food, and régime. Malacca city is known for its night markets and traditional shops. The overelaborate decorations and various prayer halls of the Chinese Cheng Hoon Teng temple make it attractive and one of its own kind.

Traveling is not just about going to new places, it’s about gaining experiences, learning new things and understanding cultures and traditions of others. Meeting people from different places makes you know their point of view about life.

Be very brainy about your destination because you are not only taking vacations but also making memories which will remain with you throughout your life. So, take your beach therapies, take as many calories as you need, spend whole days wandering and make memories as they last a life time.

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