Breast surgery: tips and treatment recommendations

In old times the cure of many diseases was not possible due to which a large amount of people used to die and endure the pain till the last breath of theirs. Fortunately, inventions and advancement in the medical brought a revolution in mankind. Today science has the maximum possibilities to secure a life suffering from any disease and striving to save human lives from the diseases being discovered time by time. Among them, the diseases related to women breast are very serious.

Recently, you would have seen many campaigns to spread the awareness regarding breast cancer which has taken many lives and left the people in tears for their beloved. The good thing about them is that now Breast surgery is not only possible, but many medical centers have secured countless lives and did miracles in the field of breast surgery.


Breast surgery is of many kinds and is done for various purposes. Some important breast surgeries are being described below.

Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery is also called reduction mammoplasty which is done to remove the breast fat and make their size perfect according to the woman body.

Augmentation mammoplasty

Augmentation mammoplasty is done to increase the breast size by filling silicone, saline or any other composite to make them big. Augmentation mammoplasty is very famous among the women.


Mastectomy is a surgical process of removing the affected breast of a woman. In past doctors used to go for Mastectomy surgery to remove cancer affected breast of a woman to get her rid of the dangerous disease of cancer but since two decades it is no more an option for cancer patients as they have other good options now.

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Lumpectomy is also a breast surgery which is operated to remove a lump from the breast to clean the part from cancer if not it has not spread to the other parts of the body.

Mastopexy or breast lifts surgery

Mastopexy or breast lift surgery is done to increase the breasts by removing the extra skin of the breast and make them tightened along with the surrounding area of the breast to support the center area.

Surgical breast biopsy

A Surgical Breast Biopsy is a process in which a radiologist uses a mammogram (breast ultrasound image) to use a very thin wire into the affected breast area.


  • Always consult a professional doctor.
  • Do research about the surgery you want to go through.
  • Use only prescribed medicines.
  • Obey doctor before, during and after the surgery.
  • Make sure the reports you get should be checked by the professionals.

The patient should be very careful during the breast surgery for cancer disease and value even a single day. Late in obeying doctor can bring catastrophic results.

Diet during and after the surgery is very important so if your doctor prevents you from having something, do obey him. Your carelessness can spoil everything.


Breast surgery is operated to remove lump from the breast to clean the part from cancer if not it has not spread to the other parts of body

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  1. Women that do not have their desired figure often feel uncomfortable. It is the main reason, these days many women are electing the breast surgery treatment. This is why; these tips and treatment can be helpful.

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