How to care for garden tools?

Giving minimal care to your gardening tools will make them efficient for longer, saving you discomfort and avoid having to replace them so often. This prevents oxidation and, more importantly, the spread of diseases. This can happen if, for example, you prune a plant that has a pest and you use it in another healthy plant without having previously cleaned the scissors, since you will pass the disease to the rest of plants and you will be more difficult to eliminate it. If you want to know more, we explain how to take care of garden tools.

One of the most important things in the garden is hedges and trees, which need good maintenance to make the garden aesthetics perfect. To make the aesthetics of your garden the right one, you have to be clear that it is very important to have gardening tools like a good hedge trimmer or good pruning shears.

If you want a tool to cut and shape your hedges, the best thing you can do is bet on acquiring one of the hedge trimmer recommended by experts.

It is important to follow a few simple steps to know how to care for garden tools and keep them in good condition:

  • Wash tools with soap and water after each use and scrub them with a steel wool scourer or metal brush.
  • If the scissors are rusty, introduce them for a few hours in a 50% solution of water and vinegar to soften the rust, and you can remove it more easily.
  • Put the tools in water with bleach to disinfect and avoid passing diseases to other plants.
  • If the scissors have been losing the edge, use to sharpen them with a sharpening stone or a flat file. The stone should be wet with water and slide the edge of the scissor in one direction.
  • Periodically sand the wooden sticks and handles and apply linseed oil or protective wood oil.
  • Finally, spray with synthetic oil in the spray.
  • After these steps, you can store the tools in a dry place protected from rain. You can store them wrapped separately in absorbent paper. You can also hang them to keep them dry and ventilated. Use wood lattices or pallets and hang hooks at different heights according to the tools you want to put. This way they are well ordered and all in sight.
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Another curious way of keeping the tools for the garden is inside a bucket with sand and mineral oil, as the sand keeps them dry and the oil keeps them lubricated. We leave this link, so you know how to maintain a pruning shears.

In this section, we also show you the best pruning shears, through which you can get your garden shape in a simple way.

What you have to be clear is that when it comes to maintaining a beautiful garden and in perfect condition, it is very important that you have in your power a good tool hedge trimmer and good scissors. Thanks to both, you can simply do gardening, which is really very entertaining.

A step to the care of your garden tools that will like to take care of you! Though that’s easy to say but after maintenance & oil of tools with gardening is hard works

If you show them a little love seriously, then your garden tools will last a lot longer (especially wood handles).  So apart a little time to clean, sand, sharpen and oil your garden tools every occasionally.

That’s it, protect your garden tools, and they will last a very long time as it is your investment.

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