China’s Internet put Hurdle for the Group Discussion about Sensitive Issues

WeChat is a messaging application widely used in China. We can send messages, transfer money, reading the newspaper and even doing laundry through it. We can’t send any sensitive messages about the Chinese politics in public. There were eight hundred millions of WeChat users only in China. The past several months of the result about the censorship how works on the WeChat, that the contents trigger the censor to avoid the spreading or discuss the sensitive issues in public. The Citizen Lab found that the politically sensitive materials didn’t get sent on the WeChat at all. The sender won’t get any notification from the app that their message has been blocked.

Public Wi-Fi under Surveillance

China’s great Surveillance machine seems to be no hurdle, and it already cracks down on unauthorized virtual private networks (VPN). We learned that even to buy a strip of toilet paper at one UNESCO World Heritage in China; then we must submit the facial recognition. Recently, they need the surveillance on public Wi-Fi. If Chinese require loan startups determine the worthiness of credit by the model of the smartphone used and the battery runs low. If we observe the behavior of the China, they need scrutiny for the online activity of the people.

The Hebei province’s authorities of Chinese are forcing the business and public Wi-Fi access places to install the surveillance tech to capture all the online activity of the people. Otherwise, they need to face the fines or some other penalty from the government. The Chinese local police describe the new requirement as the online safety protection measures. According to the Radio Free Asia, the new rules the government approved the rule to purchase and install on all the non-residential Wi-Fi networks in the province. The same rules and regulation are spread on other parts of China as a nationwide initiative.


Tracking the record of internet user

According to the rules, the company must record and retains the user registration information, login ID and exit time, port number, caller ID, account number, system maintenance and domain name. They must record and retain the internet sites access by the users by using the special equipment to access and hold the record for more than sixty days. The notice mention that these regulations to prevent the law breakers from using the internet to perform the terrorist activity, spread rumors and other illegal content.

China’s great firewall is constantly blocking internet users from accessing the websites that the government considered to be a potential threat. Report from the Citizen Lab, the China blocks politically sensitive content on the messaging app WeChat. In WeChat keyword censorship is not new, but the list of blocking content are being updated.

Citizen Lab’s Research

The Citizen Lab whet on the words and images that are related to “709 crackdown” which is an event there the activists and their relatives, Chinese right lawyers and the law firm employees were detained by the Chinese authorities. The whatsapp clonescript censorship on the server side blocks the text and images related to the 709 Crackdown. The receiver doesn’t get any warning about the blocked messages, and those messages won’t appear on the screen. Citizen Lab concluded from the report that the Chinese social media platforms routinely and systematically enforce information on politically sensitive content. The censorship on the social media is dynamic and reactive showcase the blocking of the 709 crackdowns related keyword combination. The keyword block lists are being updated to the development of events. The censor usually works looking for the keyword combination called by the citizen lab.

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If you want a loan in China, it depends on the model of your phone. In China, there were less credit history details, roughly expect little data security and here online loan application four times greater than the United States. So, they are following an unusual method to provide loan for the applicants. Based on this iPhone users have lower payment rates than the Android users. Also, the people who don’t answer the call and whose outgoing calls are avoided then they are considered as fraud, and if the situation continues then, it leads to less chance to get the loan. Other activities also include, like often make changes in the application filling, changing the phones frequently and letting the batteries down. Sending of many applications from one Wi-Fi spot lead to risk and also using the loan in other city are the poorer risk.

The Citizen Lab offers further details about the censor works on the WeChat. In the server side, the sensitive messages are blocked because the messages transmitted through the server to the receiver. If the messages include the keyword then the messages will be blocked ate the server side itself, doesn’t reach the receiver. The researchers tested the 709 crackdown terms by attempting to send the keyword combinations from many international and Chinese websites.

The majority of the blacked listed keywords combination was founded in the Chinese websites except one keyword combination in English. A group chats with the between a user register in the mainland of the China phone number and the account registered in the international phone number. If the Chinese user can send the keyword combinations individually then, it was received by the international user, but if those components sent together through the Chinese account, they are not received by the international user. Because those sentences were blocked on the Chinese server. These activities are tested by the Citizen Lab, a research group of the University of Toronto.
Usually, the internet users are keen to discuss the important event, and many of this conversation takes place using the main blog site Weibe and the message service of the WeChat. The reporters noted that the greater attention to group chat and moments, in particular, may be due to the semi-public nature of the two features, the message can reach the major audience may trigger them for the discussions and making it as a higher level of the scrutiny.

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This shows that the Chinese government willing to discuss the sensitive issues by one and one not in the groups or public environment. However, the censorship implements on the server side to avoid the rumors of the sensitive issues discussed on the internet. There may chance to have secret code maintained by the people to discuss about the important events and who are involving in the terrorist activity generally have some set of secret code for the communication with the sleeping cells who and all waiting for the order of their head.

The Chinese government may set obstacle to discussing about the sensitive issues in the important websites. If the actions taken by the government might acceptable or for the benefits of the people there will be no issues arise from the people side. When the charge took them totally controversy to the people, there may chance for the issues arises. Hope the government and people bring hand together for the better nations there is no need to block their chats through the server and trace their web details like account number, caller ID, a record of incoming calls, the outgoing calls.

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