Light It Up: Choosing The Best Floor Lamps For Your Home

With regards to adding light to your room, nothing beats the value of a floor lamp. These standing officers can establish itself beside or behind seats, lounge chairs, beds or tables. Since floor lamps only take a small space, moving them will give you no hassle.

A large number of floor lamps are accessible, so trying to find one that will be ideal for your space has no challenge at all. Whatever material, shading or style you have as a primary concern, it all exists.

How to choose a floor lamp

Choosing a floor lamp would become a more accessible process only if you already understand how to utilize it. A standard floor lamp comes in different types and designs of lighting.

●     Base: The base of your lamp plays a vital role in the sturdiness of your lamp. It will be safer if your floor lamp has an extensive support because it will be more difficult to tip over than a small base. Floor lamp bases are available in ceramic, wood, metal, or glass.

●     Height: Are you looking for some space to light up a specific area of your room? Do you have a tall ceiling? All these things and considerations can also help you choose the perfect floor lamp that you’ll want to buy. For example, a short lamp won’t look great if your room has high ceilings.

Points of Light

Points of Light

There are lots of necessary things that you should cover with yourself before you settle your choice in picking a style. To start with, you must have to recognize the purpose of why did you buy a floor lamp for a specific space.

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If you are looking for dependable, go for a clear light that can point towards any path, don’t pick a style that only highlights one bulb.

Floored by Style

Few great floor light styles spread throughout the market. Despite the fact that choosing the ideal style for your space is based on aesthetics, the function is also another characterizing factor, particularly if you intend to move the light into another area or room, where unique style choices may not be suitable.


Support or console floor light is one of the most well-known floor light design made out of the single upright post in a round base.

Regardless of the fact that most console lights utilize a single bulb, some features have a few light attachments for better lighting, which means its visibility will increase. Torchiere lights feature a bowl-molded shade that usually built into the light itself.  You can also look for different styles of floor lamps in sites like Black Mango.



A tray lights are one of the most fascinating and practical choices that you could ever make, especially if you have small spaces in your home. They eliminate the idea and the need for a lap eating or end table.

Reading lamps will be excellent as a central light source because of its adjustable arm. For some tasks that include movements or small objects, a magnifying lamp is perfect for it. Whether you purchased it for a professional needs or if you have poor eyesight, this magnifying light is useful for you.


There are lots of critical things to think when it comes to choosing a floor lamp for your living room. But the most important thing that you should always remember is to go with a style that you truly love. By following all these tips and ideas, you can now choose the best floor lamps for your home.

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