Chris Oyakhilome’s Zimbabwe Event

Chris Oyakhilome, a Nigerian minister, is the founding present of Christ Embassy, a Bible-based ministry in Christianity located in Lagos. Christ Embassy is known throughout the world, and there are branches of this church in over 50 different countries. Recently, Pastor Chris held an event in Zimbabwe that was a sensational hit.

About Pastor Chris

Chris Oyakhilome was born on December 7, 1961, and he married Rev. Anita Ebhodaghe in 1991. They have two daughters, Sharon and Charlane. He is known mostly for his work in philanthropy, which includes efforts to work with the poor, sick, and dispossessed. His focal points are both spirituality and finances.

Theology of Christ Embassy

Chris Oyakhilome has put Christ Embassy to work in many ways over the years. There are different branches of this faction that work to perform ministry outreach as much as possible. Some branches of Christ Embassy include the Healing School, Rhapsody of Realities, and Innercity Missions for Children. All of these branches work to help as many people around the world as possible. For example, Rhapsody of Realities provides daily devotionals in over 143 languages, which can be downloaded online with ease. At the same time, the Innercity Missions for Children claims that “every child is your child,” focusing on the old adage that it takes a village to raise a child.

Event in Zimbabwe

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome recently held an event in Zimbabwe as a function of Christ Embassy, and it was a huge success. Almost 100,000 people registered and attended Worship and Communion Miracle Services. However, there were far many more people in attendance who were not counted due to not being registered. It is important to note that this event took place free of charge to those people in attendance.

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Many people came into the event the night before the event to secure a place to sit and enjoy what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had to offer. Coverage of the event was also aired on local television stations. Oyakhilome went on record as stating that Zimbabwe is a special country, and he could foresee the Lord’s presence everywhere.

Earlier in the week, the branch of Christ Embassy in Zimbabwe held prayer rallies to focus on the church’s successes. Easily, a 60,000-person venue could be filled to the brim, and there even needed to be provisions made for overflow sections to accommodate enough people for this event. This church holds a special place as second only to the branch in the United Kingdom.

A protégé of Oyakhilome, Tom Amenkhienan, went on record as stating that now is the time for Zimbabwe to come together. The only way such a thing can happen is under the guidance of Oyakhilome and the blessings he places upon the country as a man of God.


Under the guidance of Pastor Chris, Zimbabwe is likely to pull together during this hard time and unite as a country. The thought process at this time is that under Christ Embassy’s leadership, the country needs to open up and receive from God in order for Zimbabwe to improve.

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