These 5 Tips will Help You Content Marketing Team to Work More Efficiently

Content marketing is an enormously growing industry and a key to get huge success is to produce consistently high-quality content. For this, you need creative content writers who can write the copy that is creative, engaging and shareable.

Now it’s very common that digital marketing companies, SEO agencies, SaaS businesses and businesses of all sizes and types employ content marketing team to fulfill all their content needs.

When you manage your content marketing team to deliver and craft content, one of the critically important things on your daily list is to keep your employees organized and productive.

But when you don’t have a clear content delegation plan, it can become a challenging task.

Without a content marketing plan, your team can easily get disorganized.

Luckily, there are many ways that content marketing managers can consider for boosting productivity of their content team while allowing them to get more done without overwhelming them.

  1.    Delegate Tasks

The sole reason of hiring your content marketing team is to avoid doing all content creation tasks by yourself. So that you can easily focus on other tasks like creating growth and revenue strategy in order to take the company towards new heights of success.

An efficient content creation team can get more tasks done so you can create better strategies. They can come up with a more creative idea to diversify your brand’s voice that a single digital marketer never could.

So, to use your content team effectively, it is advised to focus on task delegation. For instance, if you have a busy day schedule with 5 blogs, 8 SEO articles, and an infographic to fit in, you need to carefully look at your team and decide who can handle what. Ideally, you will try to match every task with your team member’s ability to deal with it.

Matching required content with your team members’ skills is the best way to streamline your content creation process and produce quality material all around. Using a task management system can solve your problem. Think about it.  

  1.    Set Deadlines and Goals

In many organizations, managers develop employee incentive programs to encourage employees to work harder, smarter and more dedicatedly. When employees have a goal at work, they work hard to achieve it.

This means if your team knows they will win a bonus at the end of the month if they complete their monthly KPIs. You are more likely to have team members who stay on task and stay organized.

Creating a to-do list is an amazing way to set goals and time limits. As to-do lists keep employees organized and shows very clearly what you need to do on a daily basis. This simply allows team members to check the list, identify the priorities and focus on what needs to be done first.

Moreover, viewing your to-do list allows team members to segment their day accordingly. For instance, if a writer needs to complete two blogs and one eBook on a day, viewing the task list allows the employees to visualize each task and decide how long it will take to complete. This will simply lead to a more organized team that produces effective content.

Setting deadlines allows your content team to organize tasks and help them complete urgent tasks first. When your team knows when the piece will be submitted, it will force an employee to stay on task and avoid getting excessively involved in one task and ignore others. This will ensure your writers are more focused and produce high quality work.

  1.    Consider Skills

Let’s say you need an infographic done. An infographic needs an in-depth research and insights than writing an article or blog due to the fact that it includes content creation and creative design ideas.

Because of this, you need to survey your content marketing team and find out who has sound technical knowledge. Then assign task to the qualified team member. Because assigning too-complex content to an inexperienced writer will result in missed deadlines and sub-par work.

So, find out the one who has skills and experience to work with technical equipment.

  1.    Encourage Collaboration

One of the best ways to ensure your team is highly productive is to encourage team members to work together to achieve goals. There are many ways to do this. Like you can ask one team member to edit another’s writing, adding detail, informative links, and tables where needed. Or simply you could have two team members break up extensive research into different sections in order to get it done more quickly and high-quality information.

In addition, you can also assign routine tasks such as posting blogs to client websites with images and GIFs. Breaking up large tasks can certainly help get them completed faster while assigning routine tasks such as posting and editing to other team members can free up an amazing amount of time.

This way your team is better able to focus on the tasks that are immediately at hand, which in turn allows your team to complete each task quickly and more efficiently.

  1.    Help Your Team Perform

Being a content marketing manager or SaaS startup founder, you obviously want to get more out of your content curation team. It is highly advised to lend a helping hand and being available for questions and communicating with the team in order to ensure they understand the client’s requirements and are capable of producing high-quality piece.

If possible, provide your content marketing team with example articles, helpful sources, additional information, and important details. This will improve overall productivity of your team.

To Conclude It All

While it’s not easy to lead a more productive team, but using the best task management software can make is easier and simpler. An efficient time management system helps teams to organize, collaborate and develop a clear understanding of the task at hand. When team members are clear about the requirements, restrictions, deadlines and goals of any given task, they are capable enough to do a job with more efficiency.

To make your team more productive, you can set deadlines, delegate tasks, offer additional sources, set goals and time limits to get the task done. Following these tips ensure your team is collaborative, efficient and cohesive.

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