Create a Gender-Neutral Nursery in Your New Home

If you are a new-age parent, then you will not subscribe to the view that pinkly is for girls and blue is for the boys. These colored themes are now outdated as many interior designers will vouch for. Today’s young citizens are relying on creative ideas to have gender-neutral nurseries. The need for separate rooms for babies is growing in the city and suburbs. Interior designers are presenting fabulous ideas to break the traditional stereotypes and endorse the new wave of nurseries. If you are about to have a baby and do not know the gender of the baby then build a space that can be ideal for a boy or girl. The following advice focuses on functionality, adaptability, and playfulness. Join us in discovering new ways to create the best space for the new arrival in the home.

A few notes to tick

 Choose a theme. Babies respond to animals, things and lovely images. Yellow, red, green and gray are ideal colors that go well for babies.

  1. There are immense choices for cribs and wicker baskets. Additional accessories include creative pillows and a rocker.
  2. Personalize the room for the baby. Add the name on the door once you know the gender. Take a picture and tuck away the memory for the growing child to see later.
  3. Cleanliness is important in a baby’s room. Hence, all items should be cleanable.
  4. Speak to a specific interior design company to help out with the flooring. What kind of floor is best and if a soft rug can be used.
  5. The walls can have a texture or have paper. Once the baby grows, there will be movement and things sprawled around. Have a cabinet to keep away toys and baby
  6. A cupboard to keep clothes and other necessities will also be required. Designers can help you to source the furniture from the right vendors. If they have contacts, they can also help you to get some discount. This is another benefit of relying on the designers.
  7. There are versatile methods to reuse the stuff that is bought for the nursery.
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Other nursery basics to consider

 Designing a nursery can be a challenge for the designer too, especially when the gender is not known. When you ask for the services of interior designers, then you can make your own check list first.

What would you like to have in the nursery? Do you want it to be a part of your extended master bedroom with a sliding door to check on the baby? Look for references online to see which ideas work for you. These ideas can be discussed with the professional designers along with the budget.

What you also will help you to determine the blueprint is how the room will be used as the baby turns into a toddler? Will there be any scope to redesign and make changes without any additional costs? Tables and chairs can be customized for the baby as it grows.

The nursery should have windows for fresh air to circulate. Use appropriate curtains too, and an expert decorator may be able to help with the selection. Curtains and drapes with themes can be used. In fact, they can set the tone for the rest of the nursery. The crib’s placement should not be directly under lights. There are no restrictions on styling the space, which may be good for a little boy or girl.

Choose a company that has a trained team to handle to décor and design. Completing the project before the arrival of the baby is a must. If oil paints are used on the walls, then make sure the strong smell dies down before a baby enters. Often paint smells trigger of allergic reactions. Designers make it easy to handle the rest of the things related to the arrival of the baby. Speak to a firm that that has recently created such a space for their client.

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