6 Most Dangerous Car Accessories You should Know About

India has a huge aftermarket car accessory market. It is home to almost all types of accessories for every type of car. Most auto enthusiasts love to integrate the best of accessories into their cars. They make the car look attractive and add to its glamour value. However, some may prove very dangerous for car owners. One must avoid installing these in their cars.

Here is a list of 6 car accessories all car owners must avoid:

1. Steering Covers

Most car owners are seen covering the steering with cover. This is done solely for the purpose of making the steering look attractive. Additionally, it ensures a better grip. However, many cases of incidents resulting from poorly designed steering have been reported in the past. The cover may slip on the steering wheel which will force the driver to lose control of the whole situation. Steering of the car is ergonomically designed in a fashion to fit into a driver’s palms. Hence, these are best left without covers.

2. Low-Quality Floormats

A wide variety of floor mats are available for vehicles these days. However, if not fit properly to the vehicle floor, these mats can prove immensely dangerous, especially for the driver. Floor mats may interfere with the pedals and lead to accidents. Sometimes, when the accelerator is pressed, it may remain depressed under the mat resulting in accidental acceleration. Buy only genuine accessories made specifically for the vehicle. Make sure you check aftermarket accessories properly when buying.

3. Rear Tray Showpieces

Vehicle owners love to place showpieces on display of the rear tray of the boot. Some of these include stuffed toys, pillows, embellished tissue boxes, etc. However, these things can block the view of the rear-view mirrors which is very dangerous. Hard braking may dislodge these items hitting and hurting people sitting in the car and leading to distraction.

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4. Roof Mounted Video Players

These accessories are not very common with private cars. Taxi drivers prefer using them. However, the players serve as a huge distraction for the driver. It blocks the view of interiors in the rear-view mirror owing to the roof mounted DVD player. The audio playing in this accessory can distract the driver causing an accident.

5. Steering Spinners

Also referred to as suicide knobs, steering spinners are very dangerous to use. These are installed on the steering wheel for the purpose of quickly turning the steering wheel. However, these knobs are not recommended by reputed car manufacturers. Available only in the aftermarket, the knobs are not of the highest quality. It may break in the middle of a turn resulting in serious problems. In case, the car hits a bump all of a sudden, steering may move fast quickly hurting your hands. Sometimes, the knob may get stuck in the sleeve of the shirt leading to accidents.

6. Accessories for Seatbelt

Seatbelts are an important part of a car. These can save lives when used in a proper way. Unfortunately, it may turn deadly, especially for those who like to have attractive and fashionable replacements for the original. You can get an aftermarket seat-belt to hook in the market. These can be easily installed in place of the original ones if needed. However, such hooks may get stuck under emergency situations leading to serious trouble.

As per an auto news India in Hindi released online recently, an incident occurred due to such accessory. A family traveling in a car was trapped inside when it suddenly caught fire. Although the owner of the car, a Bengaluru-based jeweler was successful in moving his wife and kids out of the vehicle, he was trapped inside. He could not open his seatbelt. The police are investigating the alleged aftermarket seatbelt hook seller after this incident. Hence, only an original seat belt hooks should be used for the car.

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