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As this blog post showcases some clear answers, times are still changing as new products make their debut in the tech-mart. A few questions re-calibrate the need for the meaning of product engineering services to build more sustainable features to existing products or even creating new ones after considerable research and then develop them with key partnerships. To make it clear, the blog features as a simple Q & A as many professionals seem to come up with the same questions. Hopefully, the broad spectrum of things could be addressed and prove to be part of the next R & D innovation for the new products to be introduced in the market.

Briefly, describe the concept of product engineering?

It is important to develop new products that are in sync with consumer needs. This has given rise to Product Engineering. It involves the key research metrics right from concept, visualization, and development stages. The next stage is for testing, deploying, and making them sustainable. Does it need re-engineering? Then it even involves mechanical process, hardware, and need for software development as an integral part of the design. At an advanced stage, analytics information is used.

Can the above stages of development cycle be explained?

Roughly there are 6 stages that the product innovation undergoes. They are in order:

  1. Exploring the idea
  2. Conducting a report on the idea’s feasibility. Can the product be planned?
  3. Different designs, developing stages, and FAQs for further visualization
  4. Making prototype based on final design
  5. Manufacturing and successful production in bulk
  6. Sustenance in the market and breaking competition
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Does this mean a company has to outsource specialized Product Engineering services?

 Consultation is important, and outsourcing is also a good idea. There are several service providers who are experts in handling various stages of the process. It is important to implement various inputs provided by those who have specialized depths in their fields. Perhaps, you have the brilliant idea but not the expertise to develop it.  This domain is now dominated by powerful players in the market. They innovate, upgrade, and continue to be leaders. The fast pace of engineering ensures that they remain on top of their game. They set the market trends. Agile processes and IT services also help them in implementing engineering solutions for the sustenance of the product in the market. Manufacturers are able to have better production cycles of making products in shorter spans and also on demand. Traditional software is now replaced by intelligent engineering which enhances the product portfolio. This requires key partnerships.

Who should be our company’s key partner?

To identify the right experts for product engineering services, the choice should depend on a partner who will:

  1. Understand the idea, nurture it and move forward to develop it at the product stage
  2. Have a design team to work on the R & D
  3. Offer services for entire product development which involves the 6 critical stages mentioned above.
  4. Will be able to handle quality control checks, testing, crowd testing, and even maintenance.

It is important to get an expert team as the entire exercise takes time and the company can continue to do business as usual. Simultaneously, as the new product is being designed and developed, the cost is saved for bringing it out in the market at the right time.

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How hardware and software apps are embedded as part of Product Engineering Services? 

Computers have changed and so have the other devices where both hardware and software are installed. In fact, some apps on the mobile just do a fine job as a complex desk top version. In such cases, software embedding becomes part of the product engineering services. Even if there are any constraints of the hardware specifications, the software works. It works on the microcontroller and microprocessor. The software itself is dependent on the running OS of the device and the programming language developed.

How important is a partnership in designing of product engineering? 

The needs of the end consumer are important. Partnerships often help a company to get a better perspective of making the product more creatively. It is also good for re-designing, testing, and encourage multiple solutions, its scalability and eventually the customer experience.  Providing flexible solutions will be good incased there is a failure. Partnerships will help to regroup and bring a different version of the same product in the market.

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