Fashion Resolutions: Ways to Dress Better According to the Pros

“Fashion you can buy, but the style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There is no how-to roadmap to style. It is about self-expression, and above all, attitude.” –Iris Apfel

Every New Year’s Day invites us to reevaluate what our lives have been like for the past year, make better choices and create resolutions. Unfortunately, typical resolutions would either mean making drastic changes to your diet or committing to spending more time at the gym—both of which sound incredibly unrealistically limiting to you. As a result, you would be forgetting these resolutions altogether by mid-March. If you wish to create a New Year’s resolution list that is both easily doable and practical, why not opt to refine your sartorial selections for this year instead? This 2018 commit to being the best-dressed version of yourself. Be prepared to toss out some items from your closet and ensure that you have some shopping funds left as you are going to need that for your best sartorial adventure yet!

Whether your style is largely casual chic or if you feel yourself gravitating more towards streetwear clothing, let this be the year you finally find your true style and fashion potential. However, before you start overhauling your closet, here are some tips you should keep in mind to start the brand-new year chic and stylish:

Do not be afraid to shop alone

As society would have it, there is a certain stigma associated with being seen alone. To them, being alone is equated with loneliness although that is not necessarily the case. In other cases, people opt to shop with a companion because they need a second opinion about what they wish to buy. This year, endeavor to shop alone and trust your gut better because sometimes, friends do not necessarily give you the best advice—especially if you and your friend’s taste and preferences starkly differ. Shop alone and you would be able to focus better on what you wish to buy and what works for your wardrobe.

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Contemplate your style before buying a statement piece

If you find yourself reaching for a statement fashion piece, ask yourself first if it accentuates who you are as a woman. Does it bring out the best version of you? Or are you simply getting it because it is trendy? Sure, flashy jewelry and vibrant prints do have a certain “wow” factor to them, but it requires a certain flair and panache to pull off. You best be sure that the style resonates with yours before proceeding to check out.

When you buy trends, choose those that stick around for a while

While it is hard to predict which trends would stick around, it is always a safe bet to choose trends that are not overly ostentatious or trendy. One fashion expert’s hunch is that tailored clothing such as smart trousers, blazers, and button-down shirts will be sartorial items that would likely have longevity and may even become a cult classic. Elevate your corporate fashion game by choosing a statement blazer that reflects your fashion taste and preferences.

Consider even the most minute details

When it comes to style and fashion, no aspect is so diminutive that it can easily be overlooked. Looking stylish is a collective effort and that means that every single aspect of your ensemble would matter—from your earrings down to the shoes you wear. A minute and delicate details such as elaborate hats, intricate embroidery all have a role in pulling together an outfit that ultimately looks it best. Remember, there is a big difference between looking put together and have it all together. Ensure that everything you have on has a sense of harmonious cohesion and actually goes well together.

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Flaunt it

You have it, so do not hesitate in flaunting it! You need to be able to feel comfortable in your own skin and body. This year, dress for your body type and do not hide it. Emphasize your curves and showcase your best features and assets. After all, concealing your frame beneath layer and layer of clothes will never be a good look for you.

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