Finest Tech Gadgets of 2017

The tech world is evolving day by day because we have become reliant on tools and robots to do our doing. More and more gadgets come out in the market to make our lives more comfortable and easy. These gadgets, although, have made us lazy but we can finish off work quicker than we used to.

So without further ado, let us dive into finest gadgets that the world has to offer. There as under:

Galaxy S8

Samsung had to make a comeback after its disastrous Galaxy Note 7 PR stint. But the comeback is brilliant in the form of Galaxy S8. Why? It is because S8 is a redesigned smartphone with the dazzling screen, a longer battery life, and a stellar camera.

Samsung learned the hard way but boy, did they make sure? The shortcomings that Note 7 had were duly addressed in the shape of Galaxy S8. It has curved display and is combined with tiny bezels which lead to the feeling of a borderless screen.

This makes the device the best fit for playing games and watching movies. Although, S8 is far from being a perfect beast. It has its fair share of shortcomings such as its voice assistant isn’t that good and the fingerprint sensor is somewhat awkward to engage with. Overall it’s a win for Samsung.

Snapchat Spectacles

Most of the young lot is gripped with Snapchat stories. Frankly, I don’t get Snapchat and I don’t mind because it is all about the young people getting the advantage of it and posting and sharing stories. They derive some sense of satisfaction and feel valued. Anyhow, I am not here to bash Snapchat.

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Rather I am here to mention the birth of tech which is a direct result of Snapchat, Snapchat Spectacles. The parent Snap Inc. debuted their video recording glasses and it is a testament to their ever expanding popularity of the app.

The glasses are easy to setup and are found to process videos of higher quality. They are stylish in nature which has made them an instant hit. Its success can also be attributed to the company’s distribution tactics. What the company did was position their vending machines everywhere.

This turned the need for Snapchat Spectacles into a sensation. On the downside, these spectacles don’t hold much when it’s dark and it is not advisable to wear for those who are already prescribed eyewear. But this piece of hardware has shown immense promise when other camera companies are struggling.

Here One

This is a piece of hardware from Doppler Labs. These are earbuds and totally customizable ones at that! You can set the volume as per your liking. If it is the wailing of a child on a plane or is at the bar trying to make sense out of what your friends are trying to say then Here One is here for you.

You can turn the volume down in the case of baby’s wailing or you can increase the sound of your friends talking with Here One earbud. You can manipulate sounds in and around you with this handy little tech. it is packed with onboard microphones and sound processors.

In total honesty, Here One works best when you are seeking to lower down the background noise instead of specific sounds, however, this gadget tells us that in the near future we will be able to customize and be in control of sounds around us. Isn’t this amazing?

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Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel

This machine gives a boost to cyclists by enhancing their rides up to 20 miles per hour for a distance of just about 30 miles. On the face, it may appear as a simple bike wheel but on the inside, it packs a technology which surpasses everything. It has an integrated motor backed by the battery to amp things up.

It also has the wireless sensor that connects and syncs your data on smartphones. This technology ensures that no can get away with your Copenhagen Wheel due to its smart locking hardware. It also offers improved efficiency due to regenerative brakes.

This may take a while to sit well with cyclists, however, that students life still waiting to buy dissertation is intended as a method to increase the number of bikers that can commute.

LG Signature W-Series “Wallpaper” TV

Today the customer is asking for more than ever. On one hand, they expect that TV screens offer them a fantastic movie and show experience. While on the other hand, they want these stellar visuals to blend in well with their living room. This leaves TV makers in a difficult spot.

The Signature W-Series Wallpaper TV has made it easy for customers. LG has come up with this idea where it a 65-inch TV set weighs a mere 16 lbs. and is 0.15 inches in thickness which gives the feel of screen floating on the wall.

It can be mounted on the wall with magnets and there is no need for bulky brackets. The standout feature of these TV sets is its OLED (Organic LED). When you compliment black with blackest, it offers rich colors leaving everybody in awe.

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