Luxury of a private garden adds value to villa acquisition

When mother earth is moved and dug to provide habitation for humans, a part of its soul is destroyed. But over centuries, some humans have learned live with nature in a conscious bid to save the environment. In a city like Bangalore that grapples with e-waste, pollution is in the air and rivers. The need to be kind to Mother Nature is important. That is why the concept of villas for sale in North Bangalore is being encouraged. These properties have been developed for the sole reason to make habitation friendlier to mother earth. It will be nice to do your bit by living in a space that is surrounded by an endless garden theme.  Want to know more about it? Save the date this weekend to travel to Hebbal to understand how you can become an integral part of sustainable living. Read more about how a private garden adds value to a villa acquisition in this area.

Benefits of private garden

In the earlier days, gardens were a part and parcel of an independent home. Today, it has become necessary to include them as a major part and parcel of the construction. Developers are attuned to the fact that for construction and engineering new homes they are destroying chunks of Mother Earth. As people today wean away from polluted environs, they have taken the opportunity to pay back to the earth on which they make dwellings. Having a private garden is just one such move which is pleasing to the modern home buyer. Nurturing a private garden has its inherent benefits. Available villas for sale in north Bangalore have been planned to have space for small gardens. Of course, this is in addition to the large landscaped gardens which are the main theme of the project. Let’s begin with the health benefits first. Earlier flower gardens were popular. Today, growing herbs and other organic veggies are gaining popularity. Bangalore always had the reputation of being a garden city and it is being revived by the new villas and homes being built.

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How does gardening add more value to the villa acquisition?

  1. Developing gardening as a hobby is better than being glued to the digital world.
  2. It brings us closer to mother earth.
  3. The hobby is able to channelize the energies to more productive things during free time.
  4. Protecting your immediate environment makes you a responsible dweller.
  5. Select the right herbs, plants, and flowers that attract birds and bees.

While gardening avoids using the area as a land mining pit for waste recycling.  This outdoor activity allows us to remain healthy as the air we breathe in such areas is fresh. When a sprinkler sprays water, the smell of wet earth is pure bliss to the senses. Gardens are fuel efficient and this is a great way to conserve energy. Now, if you can visualize yourself doing yoga or meditation in your own garden it can make you rush to invest in a project where villas in Hebbal are available.

Sense of privacy inside

While the garden enhances the exterior part of the home, the interiors also matter. Making them equally environmental friendly makes them more ecological. For example, the choice of wooden flooring in bedrooms is not very expensive. Carpets can be put on the floor where ever necessary. The living room can have granite flooring. This is the room where everyone comes and it takes a lot of abuse-especially in a home with pets and children. While each villa has its own lighting system, the home buyer can have their own artificial lighting as required. Well ventilated sections of the home ensure that fresh air is circulated inside. Essential features include security systems on alert, intruder alarms and the detector for gas leaks. Since privacy is paramount the video door phone is an important installation. Residents are assured of a clean water supply. A project that has its own water treatment plant and rainwater harvesting is always desirous for any home buyer. A 100% power back up places confidence in the buyer to invest in such a place. While all these aspects are important, the biggest value addition of a thriving garden adds maximum value to any villa property. To book yours, drive towards Hebbal this weekend.

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