Gifts to Choose for Your Brother When He is Away from You

The golden days spent in childhood and teenage with your brother must have given you some really wonderful memories. You grow up and then suddenly you are away from each other either due to marital or professional reasons. Missing each other regularly becomes a part of life, but during the special festivals or occasions like Raksha Bandhan, Birthday, and Bhai Dooj, your heart tends to cry for him. In today’s easy age of online shopping, you can pick up some nice gifts for him and feel a bit better.

Box of favorite sweets

What is his favorite sweet item? Pedha, Kaju Barfi, Kaju Roll, Gulab Jamun, Dodha Barfi, Rasgulla, Karachhi Halwa, etc. are some of the popular Indian sweets that do the round during festivals. But if he likes the aromatic Besan Ke Laddoo or Motichoor Ke Laddoo prepared by you, take some time out and make it for him and decorate a nice box with a Bhai dooj card and sweets to surprise him endearingly.


If your brother is very much fond of traveling, he would surely love this one. A big and spacious backpack stuffed with some other necessary objects like a small torch, road map of his next destination, gloves, night cream, mosquito repellant, multipurpose knife, a flask for coffee, etc. He would be too happy to get this lovely gift from you on a special moment like a birthday.

Lucky Bamboo Plants

A Lucky Bamboo Plant looks after the overall development of a person. So, if he is a student or an office going professional, he would definitely gain some luck from it. From bringing peace to making your work life a successful one – there are many things a Lucky Bamboo plant is capable of doing. Get him this amazing fortune changing gift during any special occasion.

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Basket of Tea

If he is a tea lover, you must get him such a gift that increases his passion for tea. There are many flavors of herbal teas available these days which keeps our body and mind a healthy one. For example, a chamomile tea is used to calm an upset stomach and also to in sleep disorders whereas Tulsi or Basil tea would help in fighting acne, cancer, diabetes, etc. Take a cane basket and fill that up with some of these herbal teas like rose tea, lemon, and ginger, cinnamon and cardamom, mint, hibiscus, cranberry, jasmine, etc. flavors.

Perfumes and Glasses Combo

This combo gift pack of some perfumes and eye glasses would be the perfect thing to gift your brother who is quite a dapper in his college campus. Search for the best perfume brands for men along with lovely eye-wears to add spunk to his day. With a Bhai dooj greeting card, greet him on this very special moment with a gift bag that speaks of style and elegance.

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