Top tips for women buying gifts for men

At times it is pretty hard to find the ideal gift for a man you deeply care about. While there are many women who are happy with “go-to” gifts like flowers, chocolate or jewelry, it can at times be a little harder to find a gift that really resonates with a man. Whether you are buying it for your boyfriend, your father or some other important man in your life, you want to make sure you get him a gift that will definitely blow him away.

You should aim to find the best gifts for men, and buy a cool gift whether it is for your dad, stepdad, or grandpa, your best friend, significant other, boss, brother, or any other important male in your life.

Buying a gift for a man is pretty much one of the most stressful parts of the holiday season. What will he really like? Socks? Perfume? Most of us girls are completely lost when it comes to picking up something specific, can someone point us in the right direction? We just need to be told what exactly we should get… Luckily, we have collected opinions of actual men, we have interrogated them about this topic very pressing topic, and the following items are what they said they would love to get. It may not all be perfect for your man, but it is definitely a solid place to start.

#1 Warm-up pants: who doesn’t want a pair of comfortable pants that he could wear around the house and not have to change out of just so that he can grab a beer?

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#2 Hoodie sweatshirt: the throwback tracksuit trend is happening again in men’s fashion. It is casual, laid-back and cool forever. There are personalised  hoodie shops in the UK where you can easily purchase it.

#3 Boxer briefs: a man who has a sense of humor and is able to laugh about his junk is probably a keeper.

#4 VR Headset: it certainly looks dopey, however when you are under the headset, you really are transported to a totally different universe, so it does not matter what you look like. This is the kind of present that is great to give because it is very easy to share.

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#5 An electric guitar: even if he will just let it rest on the guitar stand (and he probably will) in a corner of his man cave most of the time, it is such a pretty thing that you can consider it part of the decoration.

#6 Bourbon bottle: if you want to make the present feel super-special, buy him a bottle that is extremely hard to come by.

#7 Beeropoly: Your bottle cap will make a great game piece, plus your evident tipsiness will make everybody a winner.

#8 Coffee grinder: this coffee accessory is way too expensive to purchase for yourself, so this is the perfect chance to buy it with an excuse. A fancy grinder significantly improves the quality of your coffee, even in case you have a regular drip coffee machine. This is something he will certainly use every morning and it will make him see you with a fresh look.

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#9 An umbrella: yes, really. This is not the sexiest gift probably, but an umbrella that works well and actually lasts forever may go down in history as one of the best gifts he has ever got from you.

#10 Cash: Guys are simple. There is no way it could go wrong with a nice wad of cash money.

Impress the man of your life with one of the above gifts!

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