Interior design for a themed restaurant in Bangalore

Just like in many metro cities, theme-based restaurants are doing pretty well in Bangalore. Whether it is fine dining or a small specialty restaurant, the focus is on the right interiors that make them ideal for diners. A few of the restaurants have added much more than just the basic theme or specialty to space.

Thanks to the creativity of the interior designers, dining out is an attractive option. In fact, the regular patrons also appreciate the work done. Are you planning to open an eatery in the city? Perhaps, you should read the following blog to understand how interiors for a themed restaurant in Bangalore adds the right spice and sugar to the business no matter in which area you will operate in.

Have you been to these few themed-based restaurants?

 If you live in this culturally vibrant metro, there are chances that you have gone to a few special eateries like the Gupta, President Hotel, which is based on an African Forest theme; Serengeti, cable car based on the American city of San Francisco,

The Rock-a Disney cartoon space for families, the Village, based on the Soul of India; The Black Pearl themed on a Caribbean pirates’ sensibilities; Sahib Sindh Sultan with an old railway station setting; Ruh that has a setting to tickle the taste buds of middle-eastern fantasy; and finally the Jalsa which is a royal setting.

Each place has its brand of diners and regular visitors not only for the food but also for the ambiance that they provide. It is always the idea of the client, a theme that is understood by the interior designers in Bangalore in the initial consultation process. This allows the meeting of minds and creative ways to enhance the eating experience.

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Today, in a melting pot of cultures in Bangalore, it is essential to have a variety of spice and themes. Many designers are booked after the clients have studied their portfolios. An active theme place is ideal to check the viability of your idea. Research can be done by the professional designers and decorators. It gives an idea to make a blue print for your idea.

Redefine the eating experience

The success story of a dining hotel relies at least 50% on its ambiance, and the rest depends on the food, hospitality, and service. Fine dining has evolved and so has the ways to decorate the place. Various multi-cuisine restaurant and fusion eateries rely on interior design firms for designing even the menu! Choosing a contemporary design team is ideal for the job.

The new reliable professionals have leaped over the traditional themes to give a unique diner experience. At one point the menu dictated the theme of the restaurant. But today the theme is independent, and each place offers a stamp of individuality as its palette.

Around the world in a stylish restaurant or bar

How does an interior design company, Bangalore works to achieve success for its hospitality clients? Using new design and technology they are able to create 3D blue prints for their clients. Expenses are discussed in advance to make it easier for them to complete projects on time. Often five-star hotels have niche design themes, and reputed designers are pressed for services.

Young designers tend to add a little edge that rebels the mundane course of design. Bars and pubs with international themes have been a complete success in the city that attracts foreigners too. A well-thought-out theme offers the drinkers a feel of the metro and the magic of the place they come from. Many restaurants that have renovated and refurbished the design see an increase in the patrons coming.

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An ideal retro bar will have the best spaces for dining areas, bars, cellars which can space different brands of wines and alcoholic spirits and mock tails. An attractive reception area is good when during crowded weekends space is required for waiting. A good, interesting place for hungry patrons can keep them from going away to the competition. Are you ready to get the right design team to present a unique experience to get better business?

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