iPhone Development: What are the Latest Trends in 2017?

If you are looking to get your own iPhone development in Dubai, let us talk about the latest trends and happenings in the industry.

Apple has made whopping revenue of $ 1.1 billion only in the applications and in-app purchases over past couple of years. Apple App Store has also made great revenue amounting to $ 40 billion for the developers. This fact itself speaks of the excellent growth that App Store has witnessed over several years and also from Apple Store.

As more and more new devices are coming in the market, app developers need to refresh their skills and come up with out of box ideas and designs in order to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. In this piece of article, we are going to discuss some important trends in IOS app development.

Here are some of these iOS development trends:

Swift Coding

Swift has gained admiration among the application experts because they believe that these apps provide an inclusive range of frameworks and coding methods that are massive in their usage. Swift Coding works on a cutting-edge compiler infrastructure that allows developers to type reliable codes using Xcode tools. So far, it is no exaggeration to say that Objective-C has won over Apple’s Swift Programming. However, as Apple’s Swift was launched as an open source in 2015, there were an increasing number of users adapting to Swift. Hence, Swift has gotten more number of users as compared with Objective-C.

GPS and Augmented Reality Apps

It is interesting to note that no matter whether an organization is small or giant, most of the industries and organizations are gradually adopting location-based mobile app development

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. This, in return, is beneficial to organizations because it provides consumers with information on products or services, reviews, comparison of prices and much more such activities for e-commerce.

The iPhone development in Dubai in 2017 and the years beyond will use a combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and GPS. The location tracking of smart devices will certify that the users get an amazing experience.

Internet Of Things-focused Apps

It has been confirmed from several resources and experts as well that apps that focus on Internet Of Things rose by 34 % in 2016. It is also true that increased revenue on the ventures based only on IoT has also been observed. Moreover, IOS developers are looking forward to trying to make some advantage of the market based on Internet-enabled devices.


It will be right to say that iOS has pocketed huge importance because of its attention to privacy and security. The importance of Mobile data security has been increased by leaps and bounds, triggering an area of concern for the technology giants.

Enterprise Apps based on iOS

It can be observed expressively that there is a surge in enterprise-focused iPhone development in Dubai. This surge depends on two, real-time customer interaction and engagement and dynamically managing data and tasks.

It is needless to say that there is a bundle of opportunities that come up for iOS app development agencies in creating enterprise apps.


The importance of Mobile data security has been increased by leaps and bounds, triggering an area of concern for the technology giants.

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