Is photo editing ethical?

Photo editing is often mistaken as cheating the consumer. It’s called bad and people think it’s just another form of lying. But is it really so? The answer is no. Let’s take a simple example. When you a wear fake necklace with golden undertones, do you wear it thinking it’s made of gold? No. You very well know that it’s made of simple metal yet you choose to wear it because it looks good on you. It’s the same story with editing. When you see a picture of a McDonald’s burger, you know that you will not be getting the same thing yet you choose to order because you know it’ll feel great once it’s in your mouth.


This entire process is anything but cheating. It’s called making money by tempting the customers. If you’re hungry and you see a picture of a lopsided, sad looking burger you’re bound to move on the the next option. Good editing and photography makes you stay right there looking at an image and help you make a decision that culminates into you moving inside and buying that particular thing.


Is photo editing easy?


Photo editing is an art. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea because of the amount of detailing and patience it requires. Some people who pursue photography feel that their pictures are great without needing any kind of editing. They might feel that now that they’ve gotten the settings on their camera right that has the exposure just right and an angle that’s almost close to being perfect, they don’t need any editing. Right?

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No, wrong.


Editing is a transformation process and photo editing course in delhi teach this to you from scratch. Sometimes photo editing gets a bad name because of the highly edited pictures that make pictures look as fake. Magazines tweak their models so much that recently a very popular magazine has come under the fire for making an actress on the cover look almost unrecognisable. Sometimes some people in the process of making themselves look thinner change the image, forgetting the fact that the background curves along with their body on these photo editing apps making them a laughing stock.


How can you perfect your editing skills?


Photo editing needs a lot of restraint. Every button may look tempting but how much you can control yourself to deliver a picture that’s minimally edited but stands out, is the key. Editing can enhance a photo or make it look fake, it’s just how you use it.


The best school of photography in delhi teaches you not just photography but essential editing skills and where you can use it. Photo editing has now become a job just like any other. Big in house publications have separate departments, with even a correlated department like photography and editing completely separate from the other. Such schools prepare you for this procedure so that if you have to take up editing in the future you know exactly what needs to be done.







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