3 Juice With Vitamins Fight Against Colds

Notes that your throat is irritated, do not separate from the tissues, you just want to drink hot drinks and sneezing without stopping. They are the clear symptoms that winter with its colds has returned one year more, and with it the vitamin juices to combat the colds.

In the fridge you have oranges, mandarins, kiwis, grapefruit, lemon, carrots and pomegranates, and honey pantry. What would you do with it? We propose to make some juices with vitamins to strengthen our organism and fight colds.

Among all the possibilities of making a juice, the best to take the last drop of vitamin is to use the blender. Making juices with it is quick, comfortable and very clean.

Make juice with the blender

Our blender includes an innovative ceramic cutting disc that improves juice extraction and retards the oxidation of the fruit that is produced with the cut. In addition, as it has a mouthpiece XXL you can easily introduce large pieces of fruit, like all the orange. In this way, juice is not wasted with the cut.

Vitamin Juice Ideas

Any combination with the more winter fruits is good, but if you recently bought a blender, or are new to juicing, we give you some ideas.

Tangerine and kiwi.

It is a vitamin C cocktail with a slightly acid taste. When preparing it, you only have to peel the kiwi and remove the skin from the mandarin and introduce the whole pieces. Mix the blender. If you find the taste too acidic, you can add a teaspoon of brown sugar to sweeten it.

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Orange with ginger and honey.

Ginger as well as being aromatic has anti-inflammatory properties. So if you have a cold you will notice relief after taking this juice. For a sweeter touch, add a spoonful of honey, which will help relieve the irritation of the throat.

Grapefruit with lemon and carrot.

Grapefruit is another winter citrus with a high content of vitamin C. This juice is very easy to prepare, you just have to liquefy a carrot and a grapefruit. If you want to give a fresh touch, you can add a few drops of lemon.

Did you like these juices? Do you want to make them in large quantities? With the best juicers you can make up to 1.5 liters of juice to strengthen the immune system of the whole family. In addition, you will not have to empty the tank while you use it because the pulp container is 3 liters to make lots of juice from a run.

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