How to fix Account Key Code receiving issues in yahoo

Complicated, long passwords with a combination of characters, numbers, and alphabet are good for your Yahoo account security, but this is completely out of fashion. This has been changed in past years; we have moved to touch screen mobile devices, and now you don’t need to type your Yahoo account password.

Yes; Yahoo introduced this amazing feature with their Yahoo mail account. Yahoo Account Key, using this you don’t need to type the password for using your Yahoo mail; instead just tap “Yes” or “No” on the push notification on your device. This seems easy; in fact, using it is simpler.

When you have already turned on Account Key feature with your Yahoo email and trying to get access your email account but unable to receive Account Key Codeseems something went wrong.

Are you wondering how to sort this issue?

Do you want to fix account Key code receiving an issue?

While setting up Yahoo Account Keythis could be possible that you made some mistake or some error happened, and you are unable to receive push notification code. You can fix it with the help of these tips.

  • Make sure to allow notifications from the app  Users are usually asked to allow notifications as soon they download the app; make sure you do so
  • Enable/Turn on notifications for Account Key  Users need to enable or turn on notifications in the Yahoo Mail app
  • Ask for another notification  Users can search as for generating a new sign-in notification by clicking Resend on the Yahoo page while trying signing-in
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Alternatively; if above tips are not helpful, then you can try this step by step method.

  • In the first step, go to sign-in page of Yahoo
  • Here you need to enter your Yahoo email address and click on Next button
  • Now click on Use text or email to sign in
  • Then enter the missing digits of your phone number and click on Submit button
  • After that, if you have access to this phone the click on Yes, text me an Account Key, but if you don’t have access then you can verify your alternate email address
  • Here you will be prompted to tap or enter a verification code to confirm your choice
  • Afterward, click on Continue button to access your account
  • After successful submission, you can use Account Key feature

If the issue persists then you may contact here for help.

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