Choose Wisely: Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your Coffee Table

The living room is where you spend your respite after a long, tiring day at work, and a place where family bondings happen. Therefore, it is essential that you equip it with the right furniture pieces to make these moments worthwhile.

When considering furniture pieces for your living room, it is likely that coffee tables come to mind. Perhaps, after considering the sofa, the coffee table comes right after it. Coffee tables are not only good for the coffee times, but they can also be the center attraction in the living room.

Are you eager to buy a coffee table but doesn’t know what to look out for? Then take time to read this article.

Do You Need It or Just Want It?

Yes, before you go to the home furniture center and buy your coffee table, you need to ask yourself this question. You need to know if you need your coffee table or just want it. You know, there is a difference between need and want.

For practical purposes, you should consider the available space in your living room. For sure, it will be impractical to display a coffee table in a cramped living room. But still, the decision is yours.

Look for the Best Material

Look for the Best Material

There are many choices in the market today when you buy a coffee table. If you want a traditional coffee table, you must choose wood-built coffee tables. Wooden coffee tables come in drawers and compartments. Oak and maple are the best wooden material because they give a casual look to your living area.

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There are also metal and acrylic coffee tables that suit well if you put them in a contemporary living room. The glitter of the metal will surely provide your contemporary living room with an added sophistication.

Just be cautious with the sharp corners of glass and metal coffee tables as it can be harmful if kids are running around the room.

Consider the Various Shapes and Sizes

Thinking about the right size and shape of your coffee table is essential to fit it into the style of your living room. When choosing the ideal shape and size, you need to take heed of the shape, size, and seating arrangement of the room.

  • Square Coffee Tables. Square coffee tables will strike the right balance if you have a big sofa or loveseat in your living room
  • Rectangular Coffee Tables. Rectangular coffee tables are the best choice if you have a small and L-shaped room. Long sofas will also suit best if you partner it with a rectangular coffee table in your living area.
  • Round Coffee Tables. If you have kids running around the living room, a round-sized coffee table is the perfect one to display in your living room.

It is essential to consider the height of your coffee table to make the right proportion with the other furniture pieces. For instance, the height of your sofa and coffee table should be the same to strike the right balance.

For you to get the ultimate cozy vibe, you can have a low coffee table to match with a low sofa. This combination will create an intimacy between the persons seating on them.

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Go for a Multi-Functional Coffee Table

Multi-Functional Coffee Table

Multi-functional coffee tables are sure to be practical to use in your living room. Usually, they come in with an added storage space such as shelves, compartments, and drawers to put your things.

If you want to move your coffee table around your home, you can also choose wheeled coffee tables. You can find furniture like this in online furniture sites.


Aside from the look that they can give to your living room, coffee tables also provide plenty of functions. You can use them if you want to save space because they can serve as storage and holder of various things in your home.

Therefore, when buying a coffee table, you should look for the ideal one. You can follow some of the tips above for this purpose.

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