Make a Patio chair for your garden

Imagine today is a holiday, children are playing in the backyard. They are making a lot of sounds, but instead of felling irritated you like it. You have a cool beer in your hand, and the sun is shining, but it’s not hot at all. You look at your neighbors, yeah, the ones with the patio chair set. Don’t you wish to have one?
Now stop hoping because we are building ourselves one right now. Let’s start, shall we?

At first, we need to cut the cedar, step by step according to the measurement. For the front legs measure up from the bottom to determine the placement for the two by six board which will connect the legs once you have the primary mark measure five and a half inches up and put another mark.

Use a carpenter’s square to draw cutting line on the wood and these cutout areas are what the two-by-six board will eventually rest in. Use a jigsaw to cut the notches which are one and a half inches deep.  Start by cutting each end. Then cut the back line, starting from the center and working out to each back corner. Test fit the board to make sure it fits and make adjustments to the notch if it needs to be widened.

Once the notches are cut, sand the board to remove rough edges and smooth things out. Dry-fit the front section to double check everything fits together. Then use a combination of wood glues and screws to connect the boards. Make sure the boards are square to each other before fastening them in place and drill pilot holes before inserting wood screws to help prevent the wood from splitting.

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Now, we’ll move on to the arm support. Cut them to length, then flip the front leg section upside down so you can use the flat surface of the tabletop to help hold the supports in place while connecting them.

Drill pilot holes and use wood glue and screws for each joint. Cut the rear legs with 15-degree angles on each end; you can use the first as a template to mark cuts for the second rear leg. If you are using cedar finished on only three sides, make sure the boards are oriented correctly, so the rough side is pointing toward the inside of the chair.

Measure back from the front leg to determine placement for the rear leg. Use a clamp to hold the rear in place. Then attach with wood glue and screws.

Then move on to the second rear leg. Again, measure back and then glue clamp and screw the leg in place. The angle on top of the board should sit flush with the arm support, and the bottom angle should sit flush with the ground.
Measure up from the bottom of each rear leg and make a mark. Put the board in place and make sure its parallel to the ground. Then use clamps to connect two screws on each side.

Next cut three seat supports according to previous measurements. Connect each outer seat support to the legs from inside. Add center support to distribute the weight.

Now we will cut the back-support part. while doing so, keep it mind the highest possible height of the person who might sit on it. The cuts should align at a 15-degree angle to the bottom support. Dry fit them to check if there are any mistakes that require a second look.

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Then attach the seat support to the arms support using the power drill. Now we can add the woodcuts to make the seats. Work your way up until you place the last cut down wood slat in place. Now add wood slats for the seat of the chair. While doing so, we are going to attach the slats the way we attached the slats to the back section. Get one-by-six boards to create the armrest. You can use a jigsaw if you want to round off the ends according to your taste. The armrest should have enough area to hold your beer and your book. Fill up the screw holes with wood putty and sand away the access. Lastly, you can apply a finish of your choice. Wallah! You have a patio chair now.

Now get yourself another beer as this one is not cold anymore. And you can now relax too, in style.

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