10 Most Powerful Families in The World

When a person has money, he has tremendous power. Exactly some wealthy families have an amazing wealth, in addition, we present the ten most powerful families in the world.


You know that the world price of gold is determined every day. The family dictated by this price is Rothschild because they own their own mining giant Rio Tinto, Glenn Core and RIT Capital Partners, the leading investment funds in the world. This family started with the first significant international banking operation currently run by the five sons Of Meyer Amhel Rothschild. The wealth of this family was first mentioned in the 18th century, and they gained influence when they financed the British war against Napoleon. In the 19th century, they had the largest private wealth in the world, as well as the greatest treasure in modern world history. Currently, they work in several industries such as finance, mining, energy, diversified production, wine production and charities.


They started as a small company that produced cigarettes in Stelenbosch, the South African Republic, in 1941, but with a smart venture, they created corporate kingdom worth billions of dollars. The small company switched to “Rothmas,” and then turned into the world’s largest cigarette maker – British American Tobacco. The luxury brands Cartier, Monte Blanc, Piaget, Baume & Mercier, Vacheron Constantin, and Dunhill, are in their possession. They also invest in 80% of the world’s brandy and wine production, along with the Rothschild family.


If you have wondered why such streets, hotels, and neighborhoods in New York are called Astor or Astoria, it is because of the Astor family that was among the first landowners in New York, where besides hotels, apartment blocks and buildings, they built booksellers. In the 18th century, they began trading fur but very soon started investing.

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John Astor was born in Waldorf, as the son of a butcher in Germany. He is the first prominent member of the Astor family and the first multi-millionaire in the United States. He developed a fur trade stretching from the Great Lakes and Canada and later spread to the US West and the Pacific coast. He was also involved in the smuggling of opium. In the early years of the 19th century, he focused on real estate sales in New York.


This family is the largest and oldest royal family. The French were called Les Capetiens, while most Europeans knew them as The House of Capet. They ruled with much of the European continents, although the French dynasty was one of the oldest European governor families. They consistently ruled from 987 to 1328, and until 1848 with some interruptions. From the descendants of the Kapetan dynasty, the Spanish king and the Duchy of Luxembourg are now in power.


Porsche, sports cars and Volkswagen, popular as a car favorite among those who appreciate quality, are actually sister companies. The current head of Porsche is Ferdinand Pech, the grandson of the creator of these super cars. On the other hand, his wife is the head of Volkswagen cars. This multinational company is actually controlled by only one family.


The Rockefeller dynasty is a banked noble family created by the Germans John and William Rockefeller. Namely, in the 19th century, this family became one of the world’s largest private entrepreneurs in the oil industry. They later spread throughout America and are now the owners of the World Trade Center, Rockefeller Center, Lincoln Center, One Chase Manhattan Plaza, MoMA and many others. Bilderberg Group, which hosts about 200 guests annually, most of whom are representatives of influential families from politics, business and media. At these gatherings, they discuss the future of the world, which is why many accuse them of secretly managing the world through the EU, the G8, and the World Economic Forum. The members of the group are heads of state, ministers, corporate owners, bankers, industrialists and media cartel representatives

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The Oppenheimer family controls a significant part of all mineral wealth in the world. Owners are “De Beers” and “Anglo American” for the supply of diamonds, gold, and platinum. Reportedly, the film “Bloody Diamond” is inspired by individual sequences of Nicky Oppenheimer’s life.


Do you remember the Corleone family from the “Godfather” trilogy? The inspiration was the most powerful mafia family ever – Genovese. Vincent Genovese or as everyone else knew Gigante inherited the power of his father Vito, who successfully controlled the organized crime from New York to Chicago. However, in 2005, Vincent died, and since then his power has stagnated.


This family knew how to organize entertainment in the world of sports. They knew everything from making a good show, and they did not hesitate to let themselves stand in front of the cameras. Vince Jr. started his career as a presenter on television, then took over his father’s work as a sports manager, and the family company grew into World Wrestling Federation. They organized boxing matches, and over time, they became the most important global company for the promotion of professional sports where enormous capital run.


This family is the largest private employer in the second most populous country in the world – India. They originate from Guyard, and the financial expansion of the family begins with Jack Nursery Tata. It is him who is called the father of the Indian industry, and their influence ranges from real estate, construction, production of cars and textiles. They are also owners of power plants and airline companies. And a few cotton mills began, in which the family invested the entire capital.

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