Safe Exploration: 5 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Theft During Travel

Regardless of how pleasant your vacation is, the presence of travel theft will surely rob that feeling. Travel won’t be as memorable if you are on the lookout for someone who might steal your bag, or your souvenir goods lack something.

Prevent bag loss or theft with these tips on protecting your valuables and assuring that your vacation goes smooth, safe, and uninterrupted.

Research and Understand the Place

Travelling can be exciting because you are going to conquer the unfamiliar territory. But, it’s always a good option to either research online or to talk with the locals once you get to your destination. For example, there are places that locals avoid, so it’s best to know more about them before visiting them.

Some destinations are perfectly safe to visit during daytime but better to avoid at night. Remember where and how to get safe transportation service. You can also ask the concierge or receptionist at your hotel so that they can give you reliable information. Furthermore, ensure you will take the time asking so you can travel in a safe and carefree way.

Carry Your Belongings


This first option is clear, don’t ever let your valuables out of your sight. When you’re at the airport, it means keeping all belongings in your carry-on baggage while keeping that baggage with you all the time.

In this scenario, your bag should only carry stuff that would unlikely attract thieves. Make sure to bring only replaceable clothing, inexpensive toiletries, or paperwork that don’t contain any of your personal information.

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Hide the Expensive Items

Better to leave your expensive items such as your laptop in your hotel room than bringing it with you on the streets all day. Hotels have safety vaults or cabinets that you can use to keep your valuable items and gadgets.

Though theft happens relatively rare, hotel owners are can quickly search for a pattern of theft. But also, don’t try to tempt thievish staffs by leaving a tablet or camera in an open view. Always wrap your attractive things out of sight.

Have a Secured Luggage 

Burglars want to swiftly and secretly separate you from your belongings. If you are sitting down to rest or eat, fold a strap of your backpack around your leg, arm, or chair brace. While if you are planning to sleep on a train or anywhere in public, fasten or clip your suitcase to the luggage rack, seat, or even yourself.

Bear in mind that even the slightest inconvenience of unclipping baggage hinders most thieves. Though some don’t secure the zippers on their baggage, most zippers of the bags are lockable.

Even a paper clip, key ring or twist-tie is helpful to keep your bag secured. You can visit Luggage Online and other travel sites so you can choose the secured bags for safe and hassle-free travel.

Wear Anti-Theft Accessories 

Aside from having a secured backpack or lockable suitcase in your room, consider keeping your extra money safe by always keeping them on you. While carrying immediate money, don’t put them in your pocket or purse. Better to use an anti-theft accessory.

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One example is the money belt. The money belt is considered now as an essential, especially in places where thieves are common. But if you don’t like the look of a money pouch, try a neck pocket instead to keep your money safe even when you’re asleep.


Exploring the world is riskier than staying home and watch your favorite TV show. Traveling may give you unique moments of joy, but make sure to manage the risks with the right mindset along with some preparations.

While traveling, always research about the place you are going first, purchase secured luggage and consider wearing anti-theft accessories to avoid the risks of theft and pickpockets.

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