Full review of SOUNDMAGIC E80S EarBud

The sound magic E805 Earbud is attuned to deliver sounds that cannot be generated from the accessories provided with the smartphone and tablets. The latest offering from sound magic seems to be another product in the long list of sound transmitters however on a closer look it appears to be far more efficient. In order to learn more about the new kid on the block, let’s analyze its capabilities and attributes in detail.

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On order, the whole package is delivered to the customer’s destination. You will not only find 3 pair silicone dome-shaped ear tips but also flat versions. People who love comfort might like to try complying foam tips in different sizes right from small to large. Adults and kids both can use the product as it comes with all accessories attached. Since the case is hard, it protects the product without any problem.

Sound quality:

The sound quality of the product is enhanced with the help of the transducers that are incorporated along with other components. Bass is devoid of any attenuation and ensures that only clear sound waves are emitted. Wherever you are going, E80S proves to be a loyal friend playing the musical tracks day in and day out.

One of the most important aspects of the ear bud is that the music doesn’t seem to be distorted even after the bass is increased. It is due to the inclusion of the copper winding material imparts higher impedance and also increases the driving power of the product. In short, Sound Magic is the king of sound performance.

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As far as user design is concerned, the ear buds are highly user-friendly. The manufacturer has provided an adjustable switch allowing the customers to select either the Apple or Android device. In spite of working with different platforms, E80S continues to deliver amazing output.

The case containing sound magic E80 S is made of a lightweight aluminum material that makes the design more ergonomic. It sits on the ear and delivers powerful sound output with a completely isolated mode.

Amazing features:

Whatever sound is emitted from the product, it is not only well balanced but also carries a pre-defined signature. The studio master level performance ensures that the users are entertained round the clock.

If amplifiers are attached to the E80S, they can raise the decibel level of the sound without compromising the quality. Earbuds also have the capability to integrate remote and the microphone to control the function.

Cable attaching the earbuds is twisted to eliminate the interference of sound. Distinctive design appearance of the product prevents the tangling of the wire and the earphone housing made from the metallic material is robust as well as durable.


Due to the metallic finish of the body, the buds seem to be very attractive. Earphones are combined with the foam padding while the accessories are placed inside the mesh pouches. They are quite secure and do not allow the items to accidentally pop away while in use. The red version of the ear bud is extremely funky to look at and is quite popular among the young users.

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If you remove ear tips, you may find the acoustic dampener hidden behind the metal mesh. It plays an important role in removing any type of noise.

Comparison with others:

E80S seems to be a better bet than the other brands in the same category. It is far ahead regarding sound quality however the design themes seem to be found wanting. Instead of bells and whistles like in some of the branded goods, it displays simplistic style however performance makes up for the design handicap. The only aspect where it is equal to its peers is the bass and treble in the sound.


You can cringe about frequency and minor parameters, but there is no denying fact that E80S steals the show when the first batch of the sound wave hits the ears. No matter what music you are listening to, the pocket dynamo delivers an unparalleled experience to the users. In addition, the cost of the ear buds makes it quite popular among the budget buyers. In a nutshell, if you are buying the E80S, it is an extremely wise decision as the product will last for a very long time.

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