Role of Foot Care Clinic for Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Importance of Foot Care

Often amongst the different parts of our body, our feet are neglected the most. They are seldom taken care of. We often wear the wrong footwear that is hardly suitable for the feet. This results in blisters and shoe bite and eventually in miserable feet.

Usually, because of being enclosed within a damp and warm environment the feet are subject to fungal and bacterial infections. This may result in athlete’s foot. It is an infection the after-effects of which are itches, peeling, blisters and redness. Such infections if not treated on time may result in a chronic foot problem. Prevention of such condition is possible by keeping the feet clean and dry and exposing it to air.

What Are the Common Feet Problems?

In case one is prone to fungal infections, a fungicide power can be used for curing such conditions. Another feet disorder is dry feet which may result in itches and burning feet. A foot clinic can suggest what can be used to prevent the feet from getting dry, itching and burning. Corns, as well as calluses, are caused by friction or pressure of feet bones against the shoes.

Consulting a podiatrist is necessary especially for diabetic patients as they are the best person to understand the cause of the problem and suggest a proper remedy. They may prescribe medicine that stops the growth of the tissue. Viruses may cause warts or skin growths. These can be treated either by freezing or by burning either of which is possible by a foot clinic.

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Bunions may occur when the joints are not aligned properly and result in swollen and tender feet. Such conditions can be caused by weakness inherited from the family or from improper shoes. They can be treated in a clinic through drugs, injections or wearing padded shoes whichever suits the patient.


What Is the Importance of Foot Care Clinic?

  • It is important that we get a regular pedicure because it is an easy way of detecting any foot clinic related problem like a fungal infection, corns, and bunions before they cause harm to the feet. They can be treated easily in their early stages.
  • Clean, cut and clipped nails hinder the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi and ingrown toenails all of which are taken care of by foot clinic. This prevents infections as well. Clean toenails, therefore, prevent any nail diseases or disorders. It protects the feet from bad odors and does not allow the feet to go through any trauma. foot clinic ensures that the feet remain moisturized and maintain its integrity. This is done by soaking the feet in warm water and applying creams and lotions to them. Moisturized feet are not prone to cracks and blisters or other foot problems. In addition to that, the cuticles of nails are taken care of so that they don’t grow with split ends or stick out of the nail bed.
  • Foot care includes exfoliation of the skin of the feet. This helps in the removal of dead skin cells which when accumulated can cause bunions and corns. They make us feel not only uncomfortable but also cause pain. When dead skin is removed particularly from the heel, it results in the growth of new skin and much softer feet. All these are not possible without foot clinic.
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Feet disorders may be caused because of loss of blood circulation and improper nail trimmings. Therefore, it must be understood that tending the feet is an important part of the overall health conditions. Hence visiting a foot clinic is essential.

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