The secret you need to know to get a perfect night sleep

Do you know that millions of Americans spend many hours sleepless? According to medical research, most patients who seek medical attention have illnesses caused by lack of quality sleep. Whereas sleep seems to be basic, and easy to get, many individuals cannot get adequate and continuous sleep throughout the night. This can be due to various reasons. Among the leading causes of sleep deprivation are poor sleeping habits, having too much work on your mind among many other factors. Many people have failed to understand simple things they need to do to get perfect sleep all night long. In this article, we shall discus the secrets you need to know in order to get a perfect night sleep.

Remove all unnecessary items from the bedroom

Make your bedroom a sleeping place, not anything else. Most individuals have put television sets in their bedrooms. Other things like clocks, gym, and others have also found their way to the bedroom. Such items will only give you a reason to stay awake late into the night. Experts’ opinion suggests that you should let your bedroom be a sleeping place. Everything found in the bedroom should relate to sleep. You should, therefore, remove all other things from the bedroom.

Have more exercise

Research has established that there is a direct relationship between exercise and sleep. People who go to sleep without having to move around during the day tend to spend more hours without sleep. For this reason, you are advised to do a lot of exercise during the day before you retire to bed. Exercise makes body organs tired and will, therefore, need to relax. This will be best at bedtime.

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Get out of bed if you can’t sleep

Experts say that staying in bed for more than 20 minutes without sleep is bad. After getting into bed, you should fall asleep as soon as possible. If this is not the case, it is advisable to get up and do something else. Reason, why you are spending more time in bed without sleep, is perhaps you are not tired enough. You should engage in more activities that make you tired then return back to bed. It is a bad habit to get out your phone and start chatting when you can’t sleep. This is the reason you are advised to keep all electronic gadgets away from the bedroom. If you sleep in the same bed with your friend or partner, you should not see that as an opportunity to start having stories. Allow your partner to sleep instead.

Do not share sleeping materials

Individuals who sleep alone have reported better sleeping patterns as compared to those who share sleeping materials. It you are married, then you are allowed to share the bed, but not the blankets or pillow. This is because in the even your partner gets night disturbances, he/she will definitely transfer them to you if you are sharing the blanket. Having your own blanket will enable you to understand your own sleep deprivers thus be able to handle them.

Avoid taking drinks when it is almost bedtime

Even though it is advisable always to take water to keep your brain and other body parts hydrated, such should not be immediately before bedtime. You should instead take these drinks at least an hour before you go to bed. This is because these drinks will make you keep waking up at night to empty your bladder.

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Keep clean

One of the most sleep deprivers is dirt. You can never feel comfortable sleeping on a dirty mattress or use a dirty blanket to cover yourself. You should know that that attracts small insects that will keep biting you the whole night. You should, therefore, ensure that your bedroom is clean at all times. You should also work on personal body hygiene. Getting a shower and putting on clean clothes will go a long way in ensuring that you get a perfect night sleep.

Make a sleeping schedule

In order to get perfect sleep, your body should be trained to have a rest at a particular time every day. You can achieve this by making a schedule where you set a specific time for sleeping. This can be complimented by having a ritual like activities such as listening to cool music, reading a novel or anything else that can signal to your body that it is time to sleep. Once your body gets used to this time of sleeping, you will have little difficulty, if any, to get a perfect sleep.

Avoid sleep overs

When you make it a habit to sleep at a friend’s house every other weekend, you can be sure you will have problems getting a good night sleep. This is because, at a friend’s place, you cannot stick to the sleeping schedule you had prepared. Also, the sleeping environment will not be as the one in your bedroom. These, among many other things, will make it hard for your body to adapt to a certain sleeping habit. For this reason, scientists propose that you should always try to sleep in your won bedroom and avoid sleep overs.

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Avoid napping

Even though napping can be a good way of making up for the sleep you didn’t get the previous night, it actually can make things worse. As you keep napping during the day, be it at work or on your sofa, then you should not expect to get a perfect sleep that night. The sleep that you have slept during the day will not be replaced by any other at night. So you will have to contend with less night sleep. Due to this, therefore, you should do all you can to avoid napping during the day.

Do not expose yourself to too much light immediately before you sleep

The brain secretes more melatonin when in the dark, making you feel sleepy. When exposed to light, however, the amount of melatonin secreted is insufficient to make you fall asleep. Doctors, therefore, recommend that you switch off lights in your bedroom as soon as possible if you have to get a perfect night sleep. Also, you should minimize the amount of light you expose yourself to when sleeping time approaches.

For a good night sleep you should use a good pillow that’ll ensure your better health. And having a good night sleep goes a long way in ensuring that our bodies are in good and healthy conditions. Following the above-discussed secrets will enable you to become more productive in your activities. It will also make your body immune to many infections, reducing the medical expenses you would have otherwise incurred.

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