The process of shipping a car: Step by step process to car transport

Transportation, in general, can feel a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting the process. So here’s a step by step process that can help you on your journey.


First and foremost, and before committing to any provider, make sure you do your research. When searching for a vehicle transport company, review and select organizations that have roots in the industry for your shortlist. Unfortunately, there are many companies that will promise the world and simply can’t deliver. Ask how long their company has been in business for, and validate the information they’re giving you.

Are they a broker and an asset-based carrier? Do they have their own compounds, and have their own employees at locations throughout the country? Compare rates, and you’ll notice that most reputable vehicle transportation providers’ rates fall roughly in the same range. Be very cautious of rates that are a lot lower than the majority of competitors or seem too good to be true, as in most cases they are.


Connect with a company representative directly, and ask lots of questions. A good transporter is always willing to answer your questions and won’t shy away from the truth. A knowledgeable service representative is familiar with questions about prices, how a vehicle is shipped, how long it takes for the vehicle to arrive, what kind of insurance coverage is included, etc. A good conversation can go a long way to help gain clarity on the available options and provide you with the level of comfort needed to hand over your keys.

Get a Quote

A reputable vehicle transporter won’t be reluctant to give you a quote over the phone or by email. Most representatives will take the time to email you a copy of the quote, which should outline general guidelines for transport and contain the details of the quoted price.

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Review, select and complete the paperwork

Once you’ve done your research, asked your questions, and have been provided a quotation, you can confidently select the carrier that suits your needs and ask them for the appropriate paperwork to complete. In most cases, payment is required prior to dropping off your vehicle, although many of the more reputable transportation providers will have an option for you to pay at the time of drop off as well.


Once your paperwork has been sent, most vehicle transportation companies will provide you with an email confirmation, with either a booking or confirmation number. Generally, you would use this number at the time of check-in or to subsequently track your vehicle thereafter.

Following these general steps can save you significant stress and anxiety, before, during and after the move of your vehicle.

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