Significance of Flowers in Hindu Shastras

According to the sages of ancient India, there is a universal spirit in all things. They regarded the inanimate and animate as being manifested with the divine spirit. They realized not only the divinity of all but also the individuality and uniqueness of every being.

These thoughts of the sages have been recorded and codified in the Holy Scriptures called as the Shastras. Among all the inanimate and animate things on earth, the sages found flowers to be the purest manifestation of divinity.

They found that fragrance, form, and color of flowers embody particular vibrations. This is the reason flowers came to be used in all forms of devotion, offerings, and worship. Down the ages, these flowers have become a crucial part of Indian culture, playing an important but often unrecognized role.

For instance, the Jasmine flower which originated from the foothills of the Himalayas spread throughout the world. Also, it is a much-loved flower in India. It is valued for its pearly white color and its special fruity fragrance. Jasmine is used to adorning homes and temples. It is gifted by the student to his Guru. In South India, it is common for young girls to adorn their hair with jasmine garlands. It signifies purity, and it is popular in orders of flower online Jaipur.By decorating homes and wearing it in your hair, you will attract vibrations of purity.

The beauty of flowers emanates from their pure vitality. They are a sign of divine manifestation of beauty. An example is the rose. Its perfect color, fragrance, and form are an expression of aspiration of the soul. It is a gift of psychic energy. The picture of a rose blooming at the first touch of light from sunrise is an image of self-giving aspiration.

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In all plants, there is a deep thirst for light. Sunlight is a symbol of divine consciousness. All plant life is a worship of this light. At sunrise, plants and flowers awaken to the touch of light. At sunset, there is silence and the plant world expresses an intense longing for light.

Every flower possesses its own element of consciousness. For instance, the gladiolus is a symbol of ‘receptivity,’ thanks to its spontaneous attachment to the higher consciousness.  One the other side, the Geranium symbolizes ‘spiritual happiness.’ It radiates an aura of serenity.

Flowers can be used to transfer spiritual gifts to persons. It is common to gift red and white roses as they can provide spiritual blessings for a long time compared to other flowers. Sometimes, a combination of flowers can be presented to others which carry a special consciousness and meaning to the recipient.

When in your dreams, you view visions of flowers, it indicates a blooming of consciousness. It is a contact with the psychic connection within. Flowers help in meditation to help one attain a higher consciousness. For instance, ‘silence’ is conveyed through holding a passion flower. This silence is not merely the absence of noise; it is a special stillness which is the source of creativity and inspiration.

Thus, you can understand the value of flowers as per the Hindu Shastras. Keep these points in mind when you order to deliver flowers in Jaipur India.

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