The increase in sports and health facilities in Bangalore residential apartments

Health is wealth!!! Now, how many times have we heard that saying before? While the saying may be old, the added and much-needed tension that people have finally started giving to their health is a fairly new concept over the past decade or so. Gone are the days when someone put on a pair of Keds and went running around the local neighborhood park. Nowadays, people appear to have barely any time to do most things. Such is the effect that even workouts and exercise routines these days have been shortened to be tailor-made for this lack of free time that people seem to have.

This is where the developers and builders in Bangalore and rest of the country cashed in. They soon realized that it would make sense to come up with residential apartments which would feature a lot of the basic sporting and health facilities apart from a host of other amenities that people could use and benefit from by saving on a lot of traveling time. Hence the shift from residential apartments with just the bare minimum parking space and lifts to residential apartments with sprawling manicured gardens and sports facilities like tennis courts and games rooms.

Amenities have come to play a huge part in the decision-making process of a new homebuyer. There was a time not too long back when buying a home meant having a look at what was on offer only within the four walls. Now, given the fact that there has been rapid development in the last couple of years in Bangalore, people tend to look at not just what is within the four walls but also what is within the boundaries of the residential complex that they are looking at.

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As expectations have increased, so have the offerings from the developers and builders. There is a strong connection with the wellbeing of the new residents and the quality of social infrastructure.  People of today get spoilt for choice when it comes to the amenities that are on offer these days. A few basic examples of sporting and health amenities that have become a part and parcel of most residential complexes are mentioned below.

Swimming pools

These do not come just with luxury apartments any more- those come with much more than a pool nowadays. Some of the Adarsh Palm Retreat customer reviews give people a real feel for what luxurious amenities actually are. People looking even in the low to mid-range segment could be pleasantly surprised. Swimming pools were amongst the first amenities introduced by builders for the masses as compared to a niche luxury segment.

Health clubs

People do not have the time or the motivation to travel through burgeoning traffic conditions to get to the gym after a long day at work. It made much more sense to just have these health facilities within the complex. With health and fitness fads on the rise, developers realised that this would be one of the most practical amenities to include and at the same time it would also attract the attention of a larger number of homebuyers.

Games rooms

This is one of those places which connects people of all age groups and has become a popular addition in the past decade or so. While there are things like table tennis boards, carrom boards and pool tables, there are also things like dart boards and foosball tables in quite a few places.

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Yoga room

While it may be considered to be a part of a gym or basic fitness, this is a trend which has caught on like wildfire in the last couple of years and practitioners of yoga need a specific place with little or no disturbance. These rooms can also be used for newer fitness routines like zumba and pilates as well.

These abovementioned amenities have proved to be a welcome addition for most people. Almost everyone has their own activity of choice or liking and who would not like to release some stress by doing something that they like while also improving their health at the same time. Fortunately, for the people of Bangalore, there are a number of reputed builders to rely on who offer such conveniences as part of the properties they construct.

One such reputed builder in terms of amenities is Adarsh Developers. They have been around for a while now thanks to their good work. The various Adarsh developers’ reviews are testimony to that fact. They have been known to lay a lot of emphasis on the type and quality of amenities that they offer to their customers and the fact that they have a lot of satisfied homebuyers can be assessed by looking at some of the Adarsh developers customer reviews.

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