Finest Technology: Friendly Applications That Teach The Basics of Programming

Nowadays, computer programming is probably the universal language of the world. Those people who understand and know how to code are capable of communicating across cultures and countries, solve problems quickly, and be creative, without hurdles to block their success.

Allowing your kids to learn programming helps them to resolve their daily problems and get them ready for opportunities of a lifetime. It may sound advanced or even nerdy, but in the real world, coding is emerging as a new type of literacy.

Coding for kids provides a lot of benefits. Your lucky because you do not have to find a hard time looking for applications that will suit your kids. Check out these friendly applications that will help your kids develop their skills in programming.


Kodable is one of the best coding applications available today. It has simple and uncomplicated lessons that target kids ages 8 to 12. This coding application follows the programming guidelines which educates JavaScript.

And because of JavaScript, a programming language and a great tool for young learners, the basics Kodable imposes and cultivates excellent programming skills. Moreover, the development and advancement of information taught stays fun.

Kodable comes as a series of challenges such as getting out of a maze. However, this coding-friendly application does not keep the concepts too plain and easy. Instead, Kodable incorporates concepts like branching and looping.

Furthermore, Kodable allows the learning of JavaScript more fun by utilizing the feature called gamification. Thus, Kodable is a reasonable coding application for children to understand the concepts of programming.

Gamestar Mechanic

This coding application is available on the web. It educates children to create their video games. Playing video games is very inviting and tempting, so the idea of designing a game is enticing to children, also the promise of web and app development.

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In this manner, designing a game is a fantastic entry-point with a great payoff, and that is to play a game. However, because Gamestar Mechanic aims its attention on game design, it is certainly more advanced. So, do not anticipate for shallow matching games as seen in any other coding applications.

Gamestar Mechanic is excellent for children ages 7 to 14. This coding application brags a feature called gamification, courses, and game creation. The adventures in Gamestar Mechanic allows you to create and develop game designs, plus you earn items which you can utilize to create games.


Tynker is a strong coding application. Its name implies tinkering, meaning getting hands-on. And fundamentally, this coding application educates programming cleverly. Sames as many applications for children to understand the concepts of programming, Tynker presents coding with enthusiasm.

As a coding application, it flaunts a reasonable amount of choices. The kids can program robots and drones, explore STEM, mod Minecraft, and create games and apps. Kids can start with programming by utilizing visual blocks before even starting with JavaScript and Python.

Considering that this coding application begins with visual blocks before even advancing to the actual code, there is a clear learning course. A complete environment with levels of growing advancement makes this coding application one of the best platforms for children to understand the concepts of programming.


Daisy-the-dinosaur is an excellent platform for kids to learn programming, plus the fact that dinosaurs are wonderful. Including a dinosaur in this application is one of the ingredients of its success.

However, that is not all, the mini-games included in this app educates the basics of programming. For example, a loop-de-loop trial stimulates and motivates kids to utilize word commands to make the character perform different moves.

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This coding application is not only one of the most outstanding coding-friendly applications for kids to know and understand because there is a dinosaur. The dino certainly helps, but it is more on the remarkable focus on its challenges and programming.

To hone and enhance their coding skills, you can enroll them in any camp like Code Camp that teaches coding through coding applications such as Daisy-the-dinosaur.


Encouraging your kids to learn how to code is necessary for this modern age. It might sound too advanced for them, but with the help of various coding-friendly applications, your kids will surely understand them clearly and easily. Kodable, Gamestar Mechanic, Tynker, and Daisy-the-dinosaur are four of the best coding applications for kids.

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