Text Games that Help You to Have the Required Fun

Are you getting bored playing the conventional games or is your situation such that you want to get closer to your boyfriend or girlfriend? Whatever be your situation the text games will help to be relieved from being bored and have the required acquaintance with your loved ones. The games are so designed that you will laugh and giggle holding the phone playing the text games. If you want to know about such games, just continue reading, and you will know about nine games to play over text with a Girl/Guy. After knowing about these games do not just text your loved ones only texts but have the communication spiced up by playing these games.

  1. Would You Rather

This game can be played seating face to face, but it is ideal if you play the game over text. The game will reveal the nature of the girl or the guy with whom you play. The games start by sending a question which starts with “Would you rather” and then followed by some scenario. The scenarios that you choose can be related to each other or may be distant apart. The game can be fun and absurd at the same time. The game really becomes fun when you choose the scenario such that it has to be thought about and answered.

  1. Song Lyrics

If you both are music lovers, then this is the ideal game that you can play. To play the game you need to send lines from a song lyric to your partner, and they need to guess the song it is from. If it cannot be guessed then the punishment can be to sing the song over the phone.

  1. I spy
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This is a game that is often played over text. You need to say to the girl or guy with whom you are playing the game where you are located and your gaming partner needs to guess what you are watching. You can provide a limited number of clues and even clues which will misdirect their guess.

  1. What if

To play this amusing text game, you need to text your gaming partner with a “what if” scenario. Your partner needs to tell what they would do in such a scenario. It is fun to know the response from the other side.

  1. Name Game

This is also a fun and educative game that you can play to be relieved from being bored. The game starts by sending a name of a city, food, flower or anything you wish and your partner needs to text you a similar nature of name starting with the last letter of the name that you send.

  1. Truth or Dare

This game can be played effectively over the phone using text messages. The game can be made more interesting by adding pictures when you choose dare. This text-based game can help you to know the person on the other side, and you can decide upon your future relationship.

  1. Reversed writing

This is the most amazing text based game that you can play with a guy or a girl. The rule of this game is that the entire message must be written in reverse order, the answer should be likewise given. Like the word, “Game” should be written as “Emag.” This helps to turn normal messaging to be interesting and funny.

  1. Rhymes
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In this game, one has to send words that rhyme with the last word that is sent. The game can go on till one cannot send a word that rhymes with the last word.

  1. Breakdown

This is a game that helps to increase vocabulary and also helps to reduce stress. In this game, the text starts with a word and then the letters of the word has to be rearranged to form new words and there must be a time frame attached.

So, next time you want to play such games chooses one from the 9 games to play with your crush that has been discussed.

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