Tips for traveling smartly

When you think of a trip, it does not matter what the destination is, what you want is to have a great time, stay in a good hotel and also be cheap.

Achieving a perfect combination between the three elements above is not easy, unless we “fish” a travel offer, it will hardly come out with the three “B”: good, nice and cheap.

Due to the above, we present some tips so you can vacation intelligently, that is, you can optimize and get more out of your time, your money and not sacrifice the comfort you are looking for:

1. Travel in low season

Traveling when most work has its benefits. Plane tickets and lodging are cheaper as well as the attractions you want to visit. This option does not apply to all places, as some, like Paris, is the most visited throughout the year.

2. The hotel to your needs.

This is perhaps one of the most critical points to consider in the trip. It is not always necessary to look for the cheapest option. It’s all a matter of investing a little time, call, quote and see which is the best. Make sure your choice has an excellent location and preferably have breakfast and WiFi included.

3. Choose local products

You must buy a quality handbag for your travel. A beautiful bag can more smart your trip. When we talk about these products, we refer to the dishes, crafts, clothes and everything made in the place of your visit. In the end, you will support the community you visit and pay fewer taxes than if you bought something imported.

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4. Travel light

Traveling with a single suitcase or backpack is the most recommended (unless you visit a place for more than 6 days). The factors to consider choosing to travel light are:

-Weight allowed by the airline, besides traveling with the suitcase “hand” will save your passage.

-If you travel in a group and in a car, you will have to find space to accommodate it.

– If you have to walk to some point, consider that you have to carry your luggage to your next destination.

-Consider that you can carry a single suitcase if you decide to wash your clothes in the place where you are.

5. Take advantage of wireless internet

Save your data using the internet of your hotel, a park, restaurant or cafe where you are. Use them when necessary and if you travel to a country, consider the different data packages that telephone companies offer, but keep in mind that they are expensive.

6. Investigate and plan

The best investment you can make during a trip is time, and when we refer to it, we are talking about sitting down to investigate what is most beneficial for each trip or point we want to visit. The more you know about the destination, the more you can enjoy it when you are there.

7. Search for the best discounts

Many attractions, restaurants, and even hotels have promotions and discounts. Use them in case they are useful. Most museums offer some free entry day per month, and all have special discounts for students, seniors, etc. Visit the websites of the places you want to visit and find out.

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Many attractions and hotels also have better rates online, so you should consider buying some tickets in advance and/or booking your room online.

8. Buy your food

Consider that you do not always have to eat at a restaurant. If the conditions permit you can buy in a supermarket what you will need for breakfast or dinner and eat in your hotel room.

9. Use traveler applications

New technologies allow us to know the points of view of other people who have come to the place we want to visit; we can take the points of view, recommendations, and even complaints to make a decision more aware of what we want for us.

10. Search for lodging options

Not always a hotel is the best option. Consider renting a room per day and even a full house (depending on how many people go). For the above, you can support you in applications such as AIRBNB. Another option that you can consider is the Hostel, a cheaper option than a hotel (it is also safe).

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