3 Little-known Tips to Speed Up Any Android Phone

In 2017, we have seen many Android phones joining the arena. You can either buy a super cheap phone which looks like a flagship phone which will run pretty good if you’re not too extreme. But the flagship smartphones will definitely kill some money.

Let’s be transparent; I’m a pretty heavy user. I love the Android OS for its customizability. But I’m also a big fan of iOS for its consistency and speed. Sometimes, my Android phone just hangs up and doesn’t respond.

However, I figured out some of these techniques to keep my Android phone fast as new. I’m using these tips, and this has improved my phone’s performance drastically. 😉

One of my friends owns the OnePlus 5, and that phone is already well optimized on the OxygenOS. However, this helps him avoid sudden lags and gives a more consistent experience.

Some Tips to Improve Android’s Speed

As I told earlier, these are some of the little things which in fact will show a significant change in speed and performance of your Android device but is not being used by many users.

There are many competitive games which need a consistent device. One of my friends plays the modified version of Clash of Clans and to play that, he doesn’t need the fastest processor and higher RAM. It’s just that you need a more reliable device as in the middle of a match, you just cannot lose the game, right?

He used these tricks This also involves improving your overall performance and responsiveness of the launcher as well some battery life tweaks which is great.

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All these will save you power, memory and help you run your games and apps smoothly and on the go.

In this guide, I will tell exactly how to optimize your device for best performance and speed, and avoid getting any sort of hiccups and lags.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

This is one of the most common reasons for a slower device. You might keep some unwanted apps which might use system resource as well as power.

It’s crucial that you delete or uninstall any apps which you don’t use. For example, I had some games which I never played. I had no absolute reason to keep those in my app list.

So, you should uninstall any unwanted apps. I also recommend removing customization apps and don’t use any launcher other than Nova Launcher. These things make your system slower if the hardware inside isn’t powerful enough.

You should also remove keyboard apps which colorful backgrounds and animations. You know well, what I’m talking about. The fact is, these apps use a lot of resources and you can feel the lag spikes all of a sudden.

Update Your Apps

You might ask, “Who doesn’t update?” Well, you’re right, but some people don’t just like I always don’t. I’m too lazy to update as I love to keep using app most of the time.

Remember clearly; you might have done this as well without a doubt. It’s important to update your apps as developers try to optimize each time for better performance and an overall better user experience.

Some apps might update and require more resources like games. But most day-to-day apps are pretty much optimized for using fewer resources such as memory for improving load times and eliminate lags.

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Turn off Animations

This is one of the most common tips shared on the internet. Well, it’s there for a reason. All you need to do is the turn of animations which improves the loading time of apps and also reduces visual effects for a smoother experience. You just gotta choose between beauty and speed.

Well, I go with speed. It’s better to have a stock user interface rather than one which stops every few seconds for lag and hangs. 😛

How do you turn off the animations? It’s very easy, but first of all, you need to turn on the developer mode. Just go to Developer Options and turn off “Windows animation scale” and “Transition animation scale” and done.

The reason I recommend doing this is that this eliminates the usage of your mobile graphics chip and this avoids any input lag and also allows apps to open faster.


That’s how you can revive your old Android phone and make it faster just following these three easy to follow tricks. You don’t even need to root your device for some third-party optimization or overclock.

Well, there’s one app I would recommend. That’s Clean Master which you can use for clearing cache memories and other junk files which pile up and leaving your device unusable and also eats up space.

Did you find this guide helpful? Leave a comment below and let us know if this worked for you or if you have any other recommendations which might help other users. 😉

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