Travel Businesses, Look at New Formulae to Lure in the Digital Natives

When were you born? Is it between mid-1980’s and mid-1990’s? Well, you are officially the older generation with another younger and vibrant generation already taking your place in the society. The millennial generation is no longer considered the youngest. Little younger is the generation of the digital natives.

While the millennial children experienced the true transformation of technology, from digital to analog, and further developments after that, the digital natives have been born and brought at a time when they were exposed to the digital world and digital gadgets right from their birth. Needless to say, their decision-making factors very much from the millennial generation.

When we speak of the travel experience enjoyed by the millennial generation, there are factors that might not always be associated with technology. This generation was far more accommodating, some might say. Making reservations with the help of travel agents or by going to the airport themselves is not a hindrance.

However, when it comes to the digital natives, Smartphone, Internet, mobile applications, and web applications define travel experience. They are used to these conveniences and hence not being able to find these features with any service provider is a downright negative.

Concocting new strategy to lure in the digital natives

Travel agencies across the globe are trying to fare up to the new challenges they are facing with the growing number of online tour management system. It’s no more just about giving the best rates, but about providing the convenience of being able to make reservations from home.

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Growing use of flight booking software clearly shows the priorities of today’s travelers and tourists.  The story is pretty much the same with hotel bookings as well. So, what are the factors that are attractive to the digital natives? What is actually luring them to these sites? Is it just low rates or more discounts or are there more factors at play? Let’s take a deeper look to find out.

Low rate hotels vs. costly accommodations

Price has been a driving factor for every generation, and with travel becoming costlier there is no denying the fact that low rate accommodation is a major draw for the digital generation as well.

However, the mode of accessing these options has changed. Now it is possible to locate hotels with lower rates but equally comfortable stay at the top-rated costly hotels. One of the approaches being tried is through no-frills accommodation options. The travel agencies need to incorporate the information of these hotels as well in their tour reservation system. It will provide the digital natives with cheaper and better choices and will ensure better business for the agencies.

Authenticity and safety

Traveling to any part of the world has its perks. However, when safety is a concern, the tour can never be an enjoyable one. It is necessary to check the authenticity of the claims of every transport service and accommodation service listed on the website of any travel agency. This will allow the agency to build trust and ensure long-term and repeat business with the digital generation.

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Communication is key

It is true that the digital natives rely greatly on the Internet and the smartphone to make necessary arrangements and bookings. They are mostly self-sufficient, to say the least.

However, they also grew up at a time when instant connectivity is one of the basic features available to every person. This increases the need to have a system in place to take care of the grievances and queries of the clients 24X7. There is no room for complacency. Social media communication, mobile communication, live chat, all of these facilities need to be incorporated into the travel software for tour operators.

The digital key

Reaching out to the digital natives is easier if the travel agencies use the digital means. This generation loves to communicate and keep in touch via the digital platform.

Whether it is reading news or taking care of their travel plans, digital platform is trusted and most accessed by the digital natives. Thus, it is through this platform that modern travel agencies will be able to gather knowledge about the likes and dislikes of these individuals and reach out to them with the best offers.

Simply owning a website will not do the trick anymore. There is a growing need to have a system that is online round the clock and can be accessed with ease. The mobile application is the one that fits the bill. Mobile applications have evolved over time and can be used to gather knowledge about the user choice and preferences. It is also the easiest means to provide personalized service at the lowest cost.

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In the end, even as the travel agencies improve their digital service, it is just not the best if not backed by an efficient team of travel agents. Keeping these few points in mind will certainly allow travel agencies to gain more clients among the digital natives.

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