Uber’s Rising Speculations Leads to Spotify’s Terminates the Partnership

Spotify is one of the well-known online music services and offers the folks the capability to stream the audio music files. It is the modern way of absorbing music generally used by the people from a personal computer using Spotify’s exclusive technology. The greatest advantage is that the downloading is not a necessary one. In other words, we can say that it is software with high speed and hence the folks can download the song in a fraction of a second.

From the teenagers to the adults who loves music this is the best place to satisfy their needs. There are three types of service provided by this amazing music service such ad-supported, free-to-the-user model and a subscription model. Spotify used to encourage the folks to use the benefit of the premium service.

This type of premium service is given to the folks through a monthly subscription fee or a credit card or debit card system. The platform is designed in such a way that the folks are getting closer to the music and artists they love and provide a unique place for the products such as live events, music downloads, etc.

It has been around 7 years into the business of ride-hailing; the company has gone through a lot of ups and downs. They have to undergo a lot of speculations and allegations from across the world. Though it had to go through this, it did manage to hold the top place in the peer-peer sharing economy industry.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of the year 2017, Uber has been going through a lot of scrutinies. In the recent past, the famous company for streaming online music Spotify has decided to end terms with Uber. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming distribution service managed and regulated by Spotify Limited.

People can enjoy the music with the help of the smart devices such as Smartphones and other devices as well. The allegations against the organization Uber is on the rise since past one month. Though the company has been putting efforts to provide better service to the people and increase the revenue, it still continues to be scrutinized the people.

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This has led to the talks of ending the relationship with Uber by Spotify; this information does not seem to be valid enough, as the sources of it are not genuine. In a recent mail from the Spotify, it was stated that they are in discussions to end the partnership with the world famous ride-hailing platform company. Spotify provides an API access to Uber, so the sound systems of the app can be controlled by the driver’s device.

It is said that the officials at Spotify are finding it really hard to decide on this particular factor of continuing their tie-up as Uber is undergoing a lot of controversies. The head of Spotify Gustav Soderstrom stated in the mail that the split which they are thinking about do with the company doesn’t come to be a candid one as a matter of fact.

Spotify is planning to end it with Uber, but they are hesitant, as they feel that the customers should not be affected by this particular of theirs. In fact, they do not want the customers to suffer by any means, just because they wanted to end the partnership. If the goes ahead and ends the relationship which it shares with Uber, there are possibilities that the app will be losing the API support of Spotify.

This particular decision of the company has now become a public factor, and everyone at present is aware of this fact. On the flip side, there is question has been raised, which controversy of Uber has actually led to this from Spotify. There were many different speculations made against the company in the recent times. A former employee of the company stated that the people were treated in a biased manner with the gender inequality and sexual harassment.

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After that particular incident took, two of the senior engineers quit their jobs. There was another one which might come as a shock; there was a video which showed the CEO Travis Kalanick bewitching one of the car drivers unfavorably. Another fact stated that the company was pilfering the self-driving technology of Wayne as well.

We are unaware of the fact, which made the company to end the relationship rather than mending ways and getting things done. Now all this has come to light, and we need to know to what extent the officials at Uber would go to get this fixed. The company might be doing huge amounts of profits and is making attempts to expand its business, but with all these speculations, the stardom of the company is now at stake indeed.

It is not only Spotify which is thinking about splitting from Uber; there are a few investors of the company who are trying to maintain a distance from it. Unless and until the facts were hidden, there were no issues in regards to the service which people were receiving and the companies which had the partnerships with the company.

Truth has been finally revealed, all thanks to the former employee of the organization. Now, the company is seeing itself going through a complete rough patch. The Spotify was added to the API of Uber in 2014, so as to control the sound systems of the smartphone which the drivers possess. An alternative for this was also done in September 2016, where Pandora, the famous internet radio was added.

Uber app was recently modified and re-designed right from scratch and the geeks removed both the apps Spotify and Pandora from its app. But, it is said that the feature would be added back to the app shortly. Unifying the music streaming is an effort from Uber, for its users to be able to use the Cabily app, without leaving the app.

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The ride-sharing behemoth has been under these speculations over a period. In the past, it was accused of having drivers who did not possess a license. In a few cities, the service had to be stopped as the people wanted to have the driver’s background verified before they are sent to get their rides. This led to the company leave those cities, as it could not abide by the regulations which were imposed on it.

In the year 2016, the company had to go through a huge amount of loss of all time; it was a whopping 2 billion dollars. The main reason behind this huge loss was because it had to leave China, which is considered to be the world’s largest in terms of population. A deep fall in the revenue has led to a huge loss, and the company is still recovering from it.

On the other hand, there were issues in regards to the self-driving as well, the DMV requested the company to stop its pilot program of testing the vehicles. The company was fortunate enough, as it has gained the permit from the DMV to test the self-driven cars on the streets of California, though the allowed vehicles were only two.

Unfortunately, we are not aware of the fact, on which basis has the company actually decided on splitting ways with Uber. The only main reason they are hesitating to take a step further is that they do not want the customers to suffer by any means. We can hope that Uber fixes all the issues and finds a solution on this particular aspect of splitting the partnership. The split is just in the talks, and it is yet to be decided, the officials need to hope for the best and make sure that the company does leave. Let’s hope for the best.

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