How To Wear a White Dress

White dresses can be worn for all occasions. White suits all skin types and hair colors and the best thing are they can be dressed up or dressed down. Forget about having that little black dress in your closet and think about getting a little white dress. For summer, winter, spring or fall there is a white dress for any and every occasion. Don’t go for expensive dresses but instead choose a cheap white party dress which you can wear in a million different ways.

Short But Sexy

If you think that short is your style then choose something with classic lines like this white dress. This can be worn in a hundred different ways and not only is it versatile but it will make heads turn all about town. The classic feature which makes this dress unique is the plunging neckline which will enhance your cleavage but still offers some coverage thanks to the lace-up design.

This can be worn with a black jacket if you want to look smart. If you are going out on the town in the evening, then think about some sparkle. If you need this dress for a special occasion, then you can cover up the plunging neckline with a classic scarf. This is a popular, elegant dress which every girl will love.

Lacy and Luxurious

lucy dressIf pure white isn’t your style, then choose something off-white. This is more natural looking. To enhance this natural look, even more, go with something which is entirely lace. You don’t want any undergarments to show, so something like this which offers coverage but beauty at the same time is perfect. Lacy dresses offer a luxurious look which only the stars can pull off but if you are feeling brave then go ahead and wear this dress. Lace is great for any functions which need elegance. This could be a wedding or a christening. The best thing about lacy dresses is they can be worn on those hot summer days and still look casual. Just pair it with some flat sandals and away you go. Switch the sunhat and sandals for heels and a blazer in the evening, and you can hit the wine bar.

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Full Length and Full On

Not every girl like to show off her legs. If this is the case, then go for a maxi length dress. This version is designed to be an evening dress but works as a summer dress as well. The beautiful classic lines will show off all your curves while hiding your legs. The lacy top offers some sexiness without being too over the top, and the cream white color isn’t too harsh and will go with any kind of accessory you want to pair it with. In our opinion, we think every wardrobe should have a short white dress and a long white dress. That way you can choose depending on the occasion or outing. With bright white, off white and ivory white the choices are endless. We love this color, and we love this style.

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