Whatsapp will not squander on messages and data for your new phone

In the present era, Whats App has become the most important part of human’s life. As we know that WhatsApp is one of the top most messaging applications which are currently dominating the world by its performance. It has so many advanced techniques with it to sideline the other services. This messaging network has some indispensable terms and conditions to access the service and making use of that.

We can contact the people throughout the world and make video call, snap chat also available in this service. This gigantic messaging app reveals most of the security and privacy specifications to protect the information which is transmitted through it. This messaging service has to rock the world even though it has many rivals like hike, line, messenger etc.

The major problem of WhatsApp is that when a person is moving from one phone to another phone (new phone), automatically all the conversations with their friends and colleagues will remain in the old phone itself.

The major reason for this issue is that the app stores all the data locally rather than on the web servers. If the old handset is still available and has not moved from Android to iOS or vice versa, then the possibility is there to save the old chats and move them safely to a new home.

It is always important to make regular backups in order to prevent a person from losing data such as important messages, photos, contacts, notes etc. There are many options available in order to back up an iPhone using iTunes or iCloud so that the folks can save all the precious data.

How to restore WhatsApp messages to a new phone: iPhone

If a person likes to keep up all the conversations on his/her iPhone there are several ways available. The easiest way is to keep up these messages is by using the iCloud backup. In order to complete this process, one needs to take the old handset and in WhatsApp Settings choose the Chat Backup option.

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Again, in your new handset follow the following series of steps. The first major step is to reinstall the WhatsApp and confirm the contact number which should be the same number used on the old phone. Then a query will be arising in order to restore the chat history.

Give Ok and the backup should be installed loaded fully with the conversations. Anyway, it is better to go back to the settings and enable the Auto Backup feature. If a person is running out of iCloud storage space then it is necessary to check that he/she not backing up anything, before that person pays for the more storage. First, go the Settings; click Usage on the iPhone and then scroll down to manage Storage. This will give all the details about the most space used. By moving on to the backup options and can turn off the backups for the individual apps.

How to backup an iPhone using Google Drive?

More recently Google has updated its Drive app for iOS so that backup can be done easily to the cloud in a reliable manner. Hence the synchronization of photos and videos to the Google Photos is not necessary and everything will be done automatically. If email, calendar, and the contacts are already in the online mode then there is no any need for the backup.

Anyway, Google Drive cannot back up the iMessage and also it cannot be saved by using phone’s passwords. If a person is moving from the iPhone to Android then Google Drive is a very useful option.

How to back up an iPhone using iTunes

There are two major ways to back up an iPhone. The easiest way is through iTunes. The first important step is to connect the iPhone to the computer a normal synchronization with using the USB cable. The second step is to open up the iTunes and then wait for the device to pop up in the iTunes. Then click the Backup option in the Summary field.

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This whole process takes a certain time and after the process time is finished a complete backup of the iPhone is available on the computer. An option known as ‘Encrypt Backup’ is available which will save all the passwords. One needs to enter a password to encrypt the backup. If the phone is damaged or lost there is no any need to worry because all the data are stored on that iPhone are stored on the personal computer. One can also be able to plug in a new phone and restore all the data onto the new device.

How to restore WhatsApp messages to a new phone: Android

One of the easiest ways to backup and restore the WhatsApp messages in the Android phones is to use Google Drive. It is free of cost one and it is available for all Android phones. It is always better to use an SD card to be installed on the phone and that SD card can also be inserted into the new phone also.

Always make sure that Google Drive installed on both new and old Android phones. Just log into the SCIMBO – Whatsapp Clone on the old Android phone and choose Settings and then select Chat backup option. This option will backup your WhatsApp chat history to Google Drive. On the other side of the flip, on the new phone verify the WhatsApp account with the contact number.

Whether any notification will be given when a person changes the contact number? There have been many new updates coming up from WhatsApp end and we can see that there is a new feature which has been introduced in the beta version of the app.

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The app now available on the Windows phone is said to notify us whenever a user changes their contact number, they will receive a notification saying that the user has changed their contact. This is a good feature to make sure that the person is not losing the contact of the one who has changed their number.

An option is available for the users whether to notify their change of number. There are many reasons behind the change of their number, a few would like their contacts not to be aware of the change in number.

We have an option to enable or disable the notification and to with whom we would like it to be notified as well. If we do not want to share the number with any of the contacts, then we can just disable it and send a message in person to the one we want to notify.

WhatsApp will not notice it unless and until the option is being enabled by the user and it will remain not notified if the user wishes it to be that way. The notification will not notify the contacts and if the user doesn’t want that to happen, then they need to enable the option.

If we want to try this feature, we need to uninstall the original version of the app and then install the beta version to try this feature. The developers of WhatsApp have introduced the new feature in the beta channel.

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