5 Worst Android Apps That Everyone Actually Loves

We all have probably read a bit too many articles giving us a list of top apps that we need to check out but could there be anything like worst apps as well?

Well, there certainly it.

And could there be apps that everyone actually loves but they are not really ideal for a smartphone regardless of which mobile app development company created them and might actually be lowering your phone’s performance? There definitely are. While we are all about using our smartphones for practically everything we need to do on the go in our daily lives, but sometimes some apps can become annoying and a bit too much for our phones to handle. you can also use Facebook Video Downloader.

Today we present to you a few Android apps that everyone actually loves but are your phone’s worst enemies.

1. Snapchat

If you are an avid Snapchatter you probably saw this coming because deep down you too know even if you don’t agree. Snapchat is one of the most renowned and loved social media apps that actually made other mainstream social media apps to follow suit and incorporate similar features in their systems. The app is mostly used by the young at age and young at heart as well since it offers a number of intriguing and fun features. However, the app is notorious for sucking up your phone’s battery. A few minutes of Snaptchatting can heat up your phone really quick especially if you are someone like me who is still surviving on Samsung S4 and can drain the battery as well.

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2. Facebook & Facebook Messenger

Now you must be thinking how can an app that has around 2.01 billion active users be considered bad in any sense? That doesn’t make sense. Well it will in a few moments or I hope so it will. Facebook has increased its worldwide user platform by a considerable amount ever since it was launched and it continues to top charts of best social media apps every year. It is just too big to ignore. Irrespective of its popularity, Facebook and its Messenger app are doing nothing other than using up your phone’s battery by a huge percentage. These apps tend to keep running in the background and uninstalling these from your Android phone will result in a 15% spike in battery life. Also, I think we can do without checking each and every notification every 5 minutes and actually focus on work?

3. News Apps

There comes a time in your smartphone’s life when you simply cannot afford downloading every app you like and have to make some smart choices to save space, the battery life and optimise its performance. And I think news apps fall into that category. Sure we want to stay up-to-date with current domestic and international affairs and while we are almost always on the go it can be difficult to stick to a TV screen for news updates but do we really need those apps? News apps work by continuously syncing your data in the background and provide you pop-up notifications every time a news breaks or a story is published. Their drawback is their high battery consumption while running in the background. Alternatively you could use their website and turn the notifications on, works the same way as the app.

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4. Microsoft Outlook

Another shocker isn’t it? As it is apparent now this article lists apps that are the biggest culprits in lowering your phone’s performance, draining the battery faster than it should and Microsoft Outlook being ranked tenth in Avast’s list of applications that use up large amounts of battery deserves a spot here. Staying logged in to your email account these days is as important as keeping your phone switched on, you cannot risk missing on important emails regarding business meetings, family gathering and other important duties. However, you could do all of that with a better app as well such as Gmail or Yahoo Email. Microsoft Outlook is just not the app for that.

5. CleanMaster

You might ask isn’t Clean Master and the likes of it supposed to actually improve your phone’s battery and keep the junk out of it? Well it turns out these apps do exactly the opposite of what they claim to. Smartphones come with built-in optimisers and installing a separate one will only require more battery life and CPU RAM for it to operate. Also system cleaners tend to store unnecessary files and data and tend to run in the background at all times to keep the phone optimised. Not your phone’s best friend, that’s for sure.

These are the apps that we think Android users could do without unless you really need them in your life and can ignore your phone’s performance for that.

Photo by Wouter Verhelst

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